Why I created WordsWithMagic & Why Should You Join It?

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Tagline of WordsWithMagic!

WordsWithMagic is not just a  Facebook page. It is a mission.

If asked to describe in one sentence, WordsWithMagic is an “Online Marketing hub”. Anyone and everyone who is interested to know more about Online Marketing can join the platform and be a part of the tribe.

Why Should You Join It?

There are several groups and fanpages and blogs dedicated to this beautiful medium called Online Marketing.. Why should you join another one?

Its pretty simple. Because you need knowledge. And I need knowledge. Everyone needs knowledge in this current, hyperactive world. Technologies and tools are changing by the second. The stuff which was hip last month is forgotten today!

And this hub called WordsWithMagic shall be used extensively to share the knowledge between us.

I am an Online Marketer and a Writer, and I am currently working a full time 9-5 job. My job requires me to be infront of the system for atleast 8 hours a day. And believe me, I absolutely love that!

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During my online stay, I happen to read a lot. Stuff related to Writing, Online Marketing, Social Media, Paid Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Our Life, Our Fears, Our Stories and much more. Through this medium, I can share the links, data, pictures and everything which comes along for the topics which I mentioned earlier.

As I shared earlier, Writing is my passion, Online Marketing is my profession and Entrepreneurship is my ambition.

And this hub shall be the platform where I will share hardcore knowledge.

Who Should Join It?

If you are reading this post, then you should definitely join it! I will suggest WordsWithMagic for:

– Writers

– SEO Professionals

– Social Media Marketers

– Online Marketers

–  PPC Experts

– Entrepreneurs

– Dreamers!

Right now, even  I am not sure how this will proceed.. But one this is for sure..

WordsWithMagic will help you to understand and comprehend Online Marketing, and the various mysteries and myths and truths associated with it.

Here is the link to WordsWithMagic: http://www.facebook.com/WordsWithMagic

You are cordially invited!


About the author: Mohul Ghosh is an Online Marketer and Writer, who is polishing his skills at Social Media Management. For understanding more about what he does, you can read his professional pitch. Or, why should you love him! You can connect with Mohul on Facebook here and on Twitter here. Oh yes. He is on Google+ as well. You can subscribe to Mohul’s feed by clicking this link. And, please don’t forget to write your comments at the bottom. Mohul survives on your feedback!