Google Will Rewrite My Web-Pages And Improve My Page-Speed!

This is one of the most happening things to have occurred lately in the hard-core technical world of Search Engine Optimization. And, according to my calculations, this new development can change the way you were managing the page-speed till now. The reason: Google will charge you for this!

Rewriting the pages?

Google has offered to literally rewrite your web-pages, and send back to you. Such a rewriting operation by Google will help to improve the page speed of any website upto 60%.

You can register by visiting: I just filled the form for Google has already said that this is a free ‘trial’ and not everyone who applies will get approval. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I was really intrigued by the notion of being served rewritten content by Google for improving page speed. I dug deeper, and found that in reality, Google will add some extra lines of codes into the source code of my web-pages. Thus, you can observe the difference in the source code: before rewriting and after rewriting.

You can check the page-speed of your website here and then calculate the difference once you choose Page-Speed from Google.

You can find the whole documentation and FAQs here:

Google will also provide a Google API powered dashboard wherein the webmasters can control the settings of rewriter as well the outcome of the rewriting. You can test the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results, and tweak the pages which are lacking. Additionally, there are many many options in the dashboard like blacklisting those pages for which you don’t need a page-speed. They have done their homework.

Will Google Charge Me For This?

Lastly, the interesting part. As I told earlier, Google has announced that currently this is a free trial. And that means, Google will charge for this service in future. In Google’s words, “At this time, the service is being offered to a limited set of webmasters free of charge. Pricing will be competitive and details will be made available later. You will then have at least 30 days to decide if you want to continue using the service.”

It will be really interesting to see how many webmasters will really pay for using such a service, which, as of now, is mainly handled by the webmaster himself or the development team.

Are the days of free service by Google over?

I will really love to have your comments!

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  • vishal vivek

    Very interesting development..Will have far reaching impact on several industry especially content n SEO if it goes fully functional..I would like to apply for this trial after lurking and knowing about this scheme a bit deeply..thanks a lot for sharing buddy.

  • Anonymous

    sure Vivek.. this will have far reaching consequences!

  • Tech Blog

    Thanks for the information. I have registered 🙂

  • Technology Blog

    I think Google is trying to put more scarcity on their services so that people can take it more serious than before. Thanks for sharing this 🙂