A Chance Encounter With Two Farmers At Auto Expo 2014

salman khan maine pyaar kiya

Just like me, these two fellows had booked their Auto Expo tickets via BookMyShow; and just like me, they were standing in a queque to collect their physical tickets.

Once we got the tickets, we started moving in another queque, to get the entry via gate number 5. The line was moving slowly, and I was feeling bore.

I started a conversation with them.

I poked them, “You know, 80,000 people had visited the expo yesterday. Today, it may cross 1 lakh.”

“Oye! Kya baat hai.. We made a right decision, it seems.”

“By the ways, visiting for the first time?”

“Yes, we have come all the way from Ambala. We are farmers.”

At that point, my eyes automatically started noticing their clothes. They were wearing shirt, pant and jacket. Polished but old black shoes covered their feet. Their head was covered by a cap, something like Salman Khan used to wear in Maine Pyaar kiya.

Awkwardly flat beak.

salman khan maine pyaar kiya

“Oh, Ambala! Great. It seems Auto Expo has some real charm, all over the country. It is already World’s second largest Auto Expo, and Asia’s biggest. Some 80 brands are showcasing their..”

The other guy interrupted me, “Yes, just read in Dainik Jagran here. Tabhi to aaye hain”

Internally, I thought, great auto enthusiasts. Must have spent some 2000 bucks on travel and tickets. Maybe this is their way of fulfilling their fantasy of watching their dream cars, so closely. They can touch them, feel the metal, and will find their orgasm.


We all had entered by now, and the giant open space invited us for the action. People were coming in, going out from different stalls, and the cars beckoned us to enter, see the action, live. Cinema hall type screen was blazing one advertisement about how robots help maintain quality in automobile industry.

Time to depart.

I said, ‘Chalo fir. It was nice meeting you guys. Have a good time, and click lots of pics!”

“We don’t have camera”, smiled the first guy.

‘Oh.. Then watch those cars for extra 5 minutes, and capture them, entirely in your mind!”

Now the second guy smiled, “Mazak acha kar leto ho. We have come here to buy a BMW.’ Slowly, he took out a check book, and looked towards me. “2 crore ka budget hai ji. Dekhte hain.”

And the first guy indicated towards his jacket. “Down payment to kar ke jaana hai, aaj hi.”

Oops. Bad imagination, I thought. Seeing my confused state, the second guy said, “Kya hua ji? Farmers of Ambala can’t buy a BMW?”

“Oye nahi nahi sirjee. There is nothing like that. Just that, I couldn’t imagine that you guys were so rich.”

The second guy looked towards me, and said these final words, ‘Not sure about rich or poor.. But yes, BMW is something special, and so is this Auto Expo. When we went to Thailand last year, we had bought a farm in Phuket. And that was special too.”

And they both started moving towards the BMW stall…

Auto Expo 2014
BMW as seen at Auto Expo 2014