3 Women’s Day Marketing Campaign Which Stole Our Hearts This Year!

Personally, I find the idea ridiculous. The very concept of celebrating feminity and womanhood for a single day, via International Women’s Day. But, if you observe closely, there is a need for it.

The businesses need it to sell their product, and in this circus of marketing, the women invariably gets some attention.

Maybe it should work this way.

None the less, here are three marketing campaigns, which made some sense this Women’s Day. These three campaigns stole our hearts!

a) McDonald: They flipped their logo, and made W out of M. Pretty smart, but this move was dismissed as ‘hollow gesture’.

McDonald's Celebrating Women's Day
McDonald’s Celebrating Women’s Day

b) A French daily called Liberation increased the price of their publication for men. On March 8th, that is International Women’s Day, men were asked to pay 25% more than women. Aww. Gender inequality sucks.

Liberation highlighting gender pay gap
Liberation highlighting gender pay gap

c) The best one, and the most savage was from Burger Singh. They said that there ain’t anything special on Women’s Day. You need to pay the regular stuff. Hats off, guys!

Burger Singh Women's Day
Burger Singh Women’s Day

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