Are You Being Judged?

No one can judge you. No one has the authority to judge you.

But our minds have been conditioned since our birth, that judgement is necessary.

I call this the conspiracy.


Just think, right from the school, every action of ours is being judged, given marks, grades and commented.

We tend to believe that judgement is the sole purpose of our actions.

So sad.

When you join a job, your mind is already pre-conditioned into accepting this judgement thing. Heck, these schools and colleges have been built to make us slaves of judgement. 

“Follow the rules, be in the line.. Do what is being told.. ”

“Don’s ask questions, and wait for the person judging you to give his/her feedback and then bask in the glory.”

“Wait for being selected, and then do as it is told..”

But, for an artist.. the creator.. the entrepreneur.. the first thing to follow is break this juggernaut of judgement.

Your ideas, your plans, your creations, your new book.. your new blog.. everything is being held for ransom, by the judgement fear.

Refuse to be judged. Break free, and just do it.

The only person who should judge you, is YOU.

Do comment your views in the comments section. I promise, it won’t be judged!