This Is How Ecommerce Saved A Girl From Trouble On The Road

lonely girl on the road

Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by a girl who wishes to remain anonymous. We completely respect her wishes..

When my dad bought me a new car (luxury sedan, costing a million INR), he told me a very important secret of remaining trouble free while on the road: Always check the tyres. He had said that the petrol indicator will anyways show the current status of fuel in the car, but its the tyres which are the secretive yet vulnerable part of the vehicle. Even if it looks ok from outside, you never know what storm lies inside it; and the worst part is that even if everything is ok, air pressure is fine, tyres can go burst anytime on the road.

Yes, even its tubeless tires.

I paid little attention to this advice, and off I was into long drives with my friends and loud music along with fun and frolic. I was still in the college, and getting a good pocket money to sustain my ‘luxuries’. Dad kept on reminding me to purchase car accessories which can help me to rectify the puncture, even if I am alone. But I never paid any serious consideration.

Now, as I try to find the reason, I guess I couldn’t purchase these products because maybe these items are not sold at everyday supermarket or maybe I couldn’t see these items along with normal products which are sold in showrooms. Whatever be the reason, for a good 6 months, I was driving on highways and cobbled paths without any protection for any untoward incident.

Just before my friend’s birthday, I happened to browse a website for purchasing stationery pens online and I saw a section where car accessories were being sold. Lo and behold, I was ecstatic! I saw stuff such as puncture kit for tubeless tires; car tire inflator; electrified air compressor pump etc, and I immediately ordered the kit for repairing tubeless tires. The gift for my friend, along with this car accessories was shipped to me within 3 days, and I somehow felt safe and protected.

car accessories online
Website Which Saved The Girl


Little did I knew that this proved to be my life saver within 7 days!

I was travelling from a remote beach resort in Mangalore to Goa with my 3 other female friends, and just after Bhatkal, both the rear tires busted. I was driving at a pretty high speed, but fortunately, the sedan was able to absorb the shock, and I was able to maneuver the vehicle safely, and parked it at one side of the road. The worst part was that there was only 1 spare wheel.

But, the real horror was about to start. It started raining like there is no tomorrow, and so intense was the downpour that I couldn’t even see what lies 10 meters away. The region was such that dense forests surrounded us from everywhere, and there was no soul visible. But thankfully, I had carried the kit with me, and I couldn’t thank my stars for this act of mine! When I assured my friends that I have a kit to repair the tubless tire, their sullen and horrified faces suddenly turned into happy smiling faces!

After the rain stopped after an hour, a villager was passing by us. We asked him where is the nearest car repair garage, and when he told us that its 45 kms away, we all started laughing! He was clearly confused.. We asked him for his help, and he readily agreed. Heck, he didn’t even take the money we offered him.

We first removed the busted tire and then replaced the other busted tire with the spare wheel. The actual repair was a child’s play! Within 20 mins were done. Yes, the tubeless tire was not completely repaired, but it was enough to enable us to drive to the next car repair shop and make the amendments.

When this new ecommerce thing started coming up all over the TV, News papers, Radio, Hoarding and what not, I dismissed the whole idea of shopping online as another fad. Our groceries are home delivered by the local baniya who knows us since last 100 years, and all our electronics gadgets are imported from duty free custom shop. There was no need for me check an ecommerce site to buy anything. But the urgent requirement of an ‘exotic’ gift for my close friend led to the discovery of the car accessories, and well, ecommerce literally saved my ass!

Hail to the new online way of shopping.. You never know how it can help you 🙂

Post written by an anonymous writer.