Lucknow’s First Rodinhoods CoffeeMeet Is Finally Happening!

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year – 2014!

I had this plan since long, but couldn’t execute it due to some mysterious reasons. But, the arrival of the new year gave me the final push to just do it this time.

Presenting before you: “Lucknow’s First Rodinhoods CoffeeMeet”!

This informal coffee-meet is being organized at Anurag’s office in Hazratganj, Lucknow.

Anurag is a passionate entrepreneur and long time Rodinhooder, who often comes all the way from Lucknow to attend Delhi Openhouse..

I am a Writer and Online Marketer, from Lucknow but currently working in Noida.

Last time, we met at the Delhi Openhouse, and he invited me to his office. But due to time constraints, the meeting couldn’t materialize. I strongly felt that being a fellow Rodinhooder and citizens of Lucknow, we should definitely meet. We were in constant touch ever since, and finally the day has arrived to announce this meet-up for all fellow Rodinhooders and ‘Lucknowites’.

All Rodinhooders/entrepreneurs from Lucknow and nearby areas are co-ordinally invited to this coffee-meetup and meet Anurag, myself and other Rodinhooders.

I have not yet decided on any agenda per-se, but we all can meet, share entrepreneurial stories, discuss the problems which entrepreneurs face, find their solutions and have a great time.

This meet-up has been planned on either of these dates: January 25 (Saturday) or January 26 (Sunday) or January 27 (Monday). You can suggest your preferred date and time, and we will finalize it. There would be no entry fee for this event.. Its free!

Post meet-up, we can even decide to go for a movie or a casual walk across the Hazrat Ganj and maybe have some basket chat and ras malai on the way 🙂

If you are coming, then, please comment here or send a mail at or Ok, even if you are not coming, do drop a mail to let us know about you. We are planning to conduct such meet-ups regularly!

Looking forward to the well wishes and blessings of Alok Sir, Asha and all fellow Rodinhooders to make this coffee-meet, a sweet success.

When is the event:

January 25 (Saturday) or January 26 (Sunday) or January 27 (Monday) (we all will decide, right here..)

Who Should Attend:

Rodinhooder (ofcourse!); Entrepreneur; Online Marketer; Writer; Designer; Programmer; Geeks and Nerds (we would be discussing a lot about technology!) Would-be-Entrepreneur (like me!) and anyone who wants to know more about Entrepreneurship, Fear, Risk and Success along with this great movement called TheRodinhoods, spearheaded by Alok sir and nurtured by Asha. We are more 6000+ strong now, and raring to go!

Over to you!

PS: The official post for this event has been published here: and it would be constantly updated to keep you in informed. Do comment here or mail me at to confirm your presence!