Health and Taste : Who Is The Winner?

When I was in class 10th, I weighed an impressive 89 kilos. I was the heaviest guy in the whole class, and life was not fun.

Today, as I am nearing 29 years of age, I find myself ‘slightly’ over-weight. Although I have reduced lots of weight by using every possible method (Gym, Dieting, Running etc), I still believe that I am not fit. I carry loads of unnecessary fat which should be immediately destroyed.. But time restrictions and call of the duty is restricting me to devout fully to my health (over weight) concerns.

These thoughts and some tension were prevailing over my mind, when suddenly I received an awesome bloggers only invitation: Saffola – The Other Side!

Saffola has recently launched a new product called Masala Oats, and this event was a launch pad for this launch. Hosted by Vikas Khanna, the master chef, this event was like a God send gift to me because I want to lose weight and I don’t have much time for gym.

The invitation was an interesting combination of ‘boring’ vegetables and a cool box.

Saffola Invite

Once I received this invite, I was more than ever determined to know the secrets.. of the other side!

As me and my wife Deepali entered the spacious ambience of Blue Frog near Mehrauli, New Delhi(where this event was taking place), I didn’t miss the enthusiasm and energy of all the bloggers and food-experts present there. As my eyes adjusted to the mild-darkness inside the hall, I realized that Vikas Khanna is on the stage and asking few questions. Soon, health-powered juices were served, and I started enjoying the proceedings. Meanwhile, Deepali happened to answer one right answer, and she was invited to take part in a contest, wherein participants are required to prepare some unique, innovative dishes made from Oats. The winner was a lady who made awesome Pizza!

Deepali has written a well-crafted blog, sharing her experiences and the joy of cooking right inside the action. (which is under-maintenance now. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

2013-06-08 14.59.06
Deepali participating in the contest
2013-06-08 14.52.13
Deepali experimenting with Oats!


By interacting and listening to Vikas Khanna, and as shared by Deepali, I realized that Saffola has indeed introduced an awesome product. Masala Oats are not that boring oats which my mom used to serve me along with milk and sugar. I used to puke!

This newer version of Oats has been prepared using some really nice ingredients, which takes care of the taste part. And health wise, Oats are the best: no fats, no calories and lots of proteins and vitamins.

Atleast till the time I start some serious gym and exercises, I guess I can safely count on Masala Oats to keep a healthy, tasty and balanced diet.

As the lunch was being served, and I hopped on baked fishes and fruit salads, I remembered a famous quote on health: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live!”

Thank you Saffola, for creating Masala Oats. You have indeed helped me 🙂

PS: After the event, we were presented with a big, big basket of Saffola Masala Oats packets and an awesome book written by Vikas Khanna: Khana Sutra. Review of the book will soon take place!

PPS: I was actively live-blogging the event on Twitter. Some of the tweets:

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