8 Practical Tips for a Better Relationship with a Writer

If you have chosen to have a relationship with a Writer, then I must congratulate you; you have a made a good decision!

Now, every relationship has some ups and some downs. And when it comes to surviving a relationship with a Writer, then things can become dramatic sometimes. 

How do I know? images

Because I am a Writer, and I can totally relate with the dramas which unfold, when things goes dicey. 

So, here are the 9 tips for a better relationship with a Writer: 

1)     Never ask when the book will be published: The first and foremost rule which every one should be aware. The writer is doing her job. Don’t pressurize her!

2)     Never ask the Writer if she had written the recent best seller. Every writer has its day, and the Writer who is sitting infront of you is the BEST writer around. The recent best seller was just a fluke, ok.

3)     Don’t panic if you happen to see the Writer’s browsing history and find out something like, “How to kill by poisoning” “Hire assassins with guns” or “How to rob a bank”. It’s simply her research.

4)     If the Writer is writing, then do her a favor, and leave her alone. You have no idea how difficult it is to be inside the ‘zone’. The Writer is not just writing; she is meditating. Respect her and let her write.

5)     Don’t even think of picking up irrational/stupid fights with the Writer. She can/will take the revenge on print and public.

6)     And, in case you do wish to pick a fight, then atleast make it real nasty and memorable. Writers always needs firsthand accounts of incidents and always try to make it memorable.

7)     If the Writer wanders off during shopping then don’t panic. Writers’ ultimate love is books, and if they happen to locate a bookstore anywhere near them, then the world ceases to exist after that. Let the Writer soak in as much words she can.

8)     Want to gift something? Books, pens, notebooks and diaries are the best gifts money can buy for a Writer. Oh, exotic coffee and dark chocolates are fine as well. And expensive wine and Cuban cigar. Ahem! Don’t waste money on flowers and gadgets. 

The ideas are inspired by writerswrite.co.za, which publishes awesome blogs for writers. 

Do you have any other relationship tips for Writers? Do share in your comments!

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  • Harshita Srivastava

    Woah!! This is such a wonderful post!!!

    • http://www.mohulghosh.com/ Mohul Ghosh

      Thanks Harshita! I was really expecting your comment.. I am sure you can relate 🙂

  • Jeet Sachan

    thanks for sharing this post i understood little bit about writer..! but i understand one thing that never disturb any writer and don’t ask irritating question.

    • http://www.mohulghosh.com/ Mohul Ghosh

      Ha ha.. nice one, Jeet! Questions are never irritating or disturbing.. but its the context of the question which makes all the difference. My tip: Ask intelligent questions; Google a question before asking and always respect time of others 🙂