When Bloggers Bolted Away To A Mesmerizing, Royal Drive In Tata Bolt!

tata bolt specifications

That was not a regular Sunday; that was not something which bloggers do normally; that was bolt-awesome Sunday!

On May 10th, 2015, BlogAdda, in association with Tata Motors conducted a drive event of Tata Bolt, Tata’s newest offering in the automobile market.

tata bolt review

Yours true only was part of the exciting event, and here is what actually happened that day..

The Start

We all assembled at the posh Godfather Lounge in Galaxy Hotel, Sector 15, Gurgaon. After a light brunch, Tata Motor’s Marketing team demonstrated the unique features of the vehicle, and set the tempo for an exciting afternoon of test driving it.

All the bloggers were divided into several teams for the drive test, and I found myself along with Umang and Seema in Team D2.

Some of the features which were mentioned during the presentation made us sigh in awe of the deep research which went into making the car. The three most crucial elements, which have been incorporated in Bolt are: ‘DriveNext’,’DesignNext’ and’ConnectNext’.

Considering the needs and requirements of the current generation, Tata have introduced hi-tech communication elements in the vehicle, which sounded awesome.

No doubt they have improvised on earlier Zest, and have embedded a clean, sharp look along with some state of the art features which we will discuss in some time. Pretty soon, we all were ushered down, where several Tata Bolts were waiting for us, to be driven around.

Flags were set-off, and we were on the way!

The Suspension Test

The first pit stop was a huge playing ground, where Tata Motors had organized a suspension test of the vehicle. Several bumpers were placed, and we were supposed to go over them while connecting the dots on the paper.

tata bolt review and suspension test

Not surprisingly, all the teams were able to pass that suspension test without any hassles. Afterall, Tata Bolt has been designed in the most scintillating manner.

Futuristic Technology

Tata have incorporated state of the art communication protocol in the vehicle; not only we can connect with our mobiles and tablets, but via MapMyIndia mobile app, we can use GPS to correctly navigate the path.

tata bolt review by mohul

Captain Bolt soon joined us via this futuristic communication module, and it was a roller coaster ride from then on..

Destination: Neemrama

After a brief halt at Aravali Resorts, where diesel cars were exchanged with petrol ones, all bloggers started their drive for the final destination: Neemrana Fort Palace on NH 8.

Neemrana Fort was built in 15th century by Chauhan family, which were direct descendants of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. In the 80s, this was bought by a leading hotel conglomerate and since then, it is being treated as a heritage hotel.

neemrana fort

At a distance of around 100 kms from Gurgaon, we reached here after a long spell of enchanting drive in the Tata Bolt. After a tour of the ancient fort, and snacks, we were presented with folk songs. In the end, a small concluding ceremony was conducted, where one lucky blogger won a brand new Tata Bolt!

The Driving Experience

We drove the vehicle for approximately 200 kms, and experience was exhilarating to say the least. The power steering doesn’t seem like that tough rock to rotate, and moves seamlessly, as if it can understand your command. The vehicle itself is light, moves like a cheetah.. swift and under control.

tata bolt specifications

There are three modes of engine, which can be changed by a button (only petrol variant has that feature), and the sports mode was the quickest.

tata bolt interior

I was amazed to find that Tata have made sure that exists ample leg space, for both front and rear passengers, and the AC works super fine.

Bolt has a special Harman infotainment system from Germany, which I found to be far superior than other contemporary sound systems; and the smoke projector headlamps make sure that there is enough illumination on the road.


Overall, I will term Tata Bolt as an economical, turbo-charged, powerful car, best suited for small families. In the coming days, we can see some tough competition to other cars in this segment such as Alto and i10.

Here is the official TV advertisement of Tata Bolt:

It was indeed a Sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.