This Blog Is Hosted On iPage; And The Reason Will Blow Your Mind and some other ‘hidden’, ‘niche’ websites owned by me are hosted on, for the last 2 years.


There are several interesting, fascinating reasons behind my decision to choose as my reliable and long-term hosting provider; and in this post, I shall be sharing few of those:

a) Customer care of iPage rocks. I mean, there hasn’t been a single instance when I asked a question or posted a query, and it remained unanswered for more than 24 hours. When such an awesome customer care exists to take care of your hosting needs, then why to look somewhere else?

b) Every one of my website has an uptime of more than 99%; and the track record has been maintained for the last 2 years. Previously, I had chosen hosting from some other, over-hyped hosting providers, but iPage is the ultimate champ.

c) cPanel and other dashboards for managing the hosting is so seamless, effortless, uncluttered and simple that I simply dread going somewhere else. Adding/removing emails, sub-domains, using file manager etc is damn easy.

Besides these, there are several other positive factors which actually makes iPage my most preferred hosting provider. With time, this post shall be updated, and more reasons would be shared justifying my decision to stick with iPage.

If you are looking for a new hosting provider, then go with iPage by clicking here; and rest assured, experience peaceful, helpful hosting services.

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