The Most Important SEO Tip You Will Ever Find

In my last two years of eMarketing career, during which I worked both as Content Developer and SEO Consultant, not to mention Social Media Analyst, I have come across situations where expert SEOs  were not able to comprehend the solutions when they were present right next to them.

In the midst of performing ‘high’ end activities like creating link strategies and social branding, we used to forget the very basic principle around which the whole Online Marketing game is based.

What is the Primary keyword?

I know many among you will just laugh along, stating that everyone knows that. ( In that case, you can leave this page right now, and read why I loved Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or what is a Catch-22 situation)

But knowing a particular fact and actually implementing that is different. And exactly this happens when it comes to focusing on the primary keyword.

So, to answer to all those newbies and starters in SEO as well as Social Media, here is a very simple advice from a person who has little bit of experience. Always focus on that main Primary Keyword and revolve all operations around that.

And believe me, whether its a small 10 page WordPress website or a big 5000 page Magento enabled eCommerce website, there is always a main Primary Keyword for the project. Sub-directories and Sub-categories should be revolved around that main term.

Now, there are two aspects to it. For SEO persons, the most obvious aspect is that Google loves such arrangement. And, this certainly helps while Google crawler visits the website. But, the other aspect is human experience. The fact is, human beings as a natural instinct, always concentrate on those entities which are easily navigable and searched. So, if your website is about “How to make money online” and you include pages for “WordPress Installation” and “Free Theme”, then the actual visitor or Google crawler, both will be confused.

It’s a classic example of deviating from that main Primary keyword.

Same is the case in Social Media projects. Every activity which is performed for the fans/followers should be created by placing the main term or the idea which is the base of the whole project, right in the middle and then revolving the sub-topics one by one. Such an arrangement also provides ample opportunity for content creation.

So, in case you haven’t determined that main Primary keyword for your website, then do it right away.

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