R.Balki’s Experiment On Love & Relationship; Feminism & Gender Equality Can Induce That ‘Change’

Ki & Ka review

I wanted to give it 4; but my wife demanded little more. We argued, we debated, and then we finally settled for 4.25/5.

And I guess that’s the only essense of this brilliant take on love, relationship from R.Balki, which is somewhere between traditional and modern, yet loaded with highly practical, anti-age-old advice for those who think that being in a relationship is actually tough (or easy!)

Ki & Ka review
Ki & Ka

Overall, I would describe the movie as a mixture of several Bollywood movies of this genre; as if R.Baliki is giving an ode to all previous directors: It has the pride and ego of Abhimaan, the wit, intellectuality from Bawarchi; the complexities and subtle emotions from Saathiya as well as the dark, mysterious elements of love from Hum Tum. R Balki has picked up ingredients from these movies, reversed the protagonists and the conflicts and presented via Ki & Ka.

If Kareena Kapoor is the burning deity of hardcore feminism in this movie, then Arjun Kapoor is the epitome of gender equality and the evangelist and advocate against running the ‘race’. Watch it with a pinch of salt, and get immersed in the awesomeness of food-porn, get bewitched by the portrayal of a successful blogger, and some untraditional, out of the box experiments which A-list stars seldom try out.

Watch it with an open mind, remembering the fact that the director had earlier given us path-breaking cinema like Cheeni Kum, Pa & English Vinglish. Ki&Ka won’t change your life; but yes, it will seep an idea about the ‘positive’ change all right!