Fan Review: The Biggest Problem With Fan Is Shahrukh Himself; Its Illogical, Frivolous, Fake

fan movie review

The biggest problem with Fan is Shahrukh Khan, himself. He is the hero, he is the villian.. he is the conflict, he is the solution; he is the poor, he is the rich.. He tried to make us feel proud of his legacy, and then he makes you hate his own legacy..

During one moment, he makes you believe that he is the God; the other moment, he showcases how he can translate into demon so easily.

fan movie review

The concept was powerful, but the execution sucks.. After interval, the movie tries to become a combination of Darr and Don; but it was Shahrukh obsessed with Shahrukh; and Shahrukh trying to beat Shahrukh..

The logical thread which binds a movie, which creates a story is entirely missing; the basic premise based on which a Fan turns into an enemy is not convincing, infact its frivolous! The make-up, the visual difference between a 46 year old actor and 22 year old fan is so inconsistent, and sometimes it feels that they both are one and the same. Ofcourse they are, but this very fact destroys the cinematic effect, the joy.

On some sequences, KIng Khan has delivered a stunning performance, but its not enough. The craziness of a Fan was way too less intense, way too off-the-mark.

As the person sitting besides me told me, ‘Fan is an insult to me, the Fan..’ 2/5