Don 2 – Shahrukh Has Nailed It

While I was searching for my seat in the multiplex, I found a kid super excited, wide-eyed staring at the screen. He was 14 old lad, who had come with his family to watch this new movie. I asked him what made you come in the first day of the release?

“Shahrukh!” was the answer.

Ra1 debacle has created way too less dent, as commonly believed. Shahrukh knows the best when it comes to fan following-ship. And he has nailed this one.

In a brand new avatar which will make pony-tails as main stream fashion (which I have  unsuccessfully tried since last year, with my pony tail :p), Shahrukh is just, Shahrukh in this movie – stylish, ruthless and a bad man. Don 2 Review

Armed with his swanky one liners, “Kinky…..”, as he blasts them every time he is surrounded by his enemies or the police, Shahrukh does everything which he ever wanted to do on screen. Oh well, he has even smoked in this movie! Fashionable long coats, flouting Gucci belts and long hairs with sharp witty dialogues; Don 2 has been programmed to entertain.

Shot across Thailand, Malaysia, Zurich and then Berlin, Don 2 leaves no stone unturned to produce that flashy sensation while watching the movie.

And Farhan Akhtar.. the director is the man.

Almost every shot of the movie has Shahrukh Khan in it, and I was able to feel the angle which Farhan tried to show us by zooming in this mega super star with sounds blazing, Don Don Don…

The plot and the screenplay is a tribute to The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11 genres of movies, with meticulous planning and recruitment of resources to achieve that impossible plan is executed by the Don.  The movie could have been shorter at the end, as the climax is stretched to accumulate more Shahrukh.. and more Sharukh..

I watched this movie because Farhan had directed it.  And my admiration for him has just increased..

If you are a Sharukh Khan fan, then avoid this movie at your own peril!




  • Navjot Singh

    Awesome movie it was. Watched it today!! Farhan did it once again 😉

  • Seovirgo

    i enjoyed it..thnx to SRK !!