Dhoom 3 Review: Hats Off To Aamir; Carries Forward A Weak Script With Amazing Performance

Dhoom 3 Review

Only Aamir could have done it. Any other actor would be sabotaged the whole drama. “Hats” off to Aamir! 

Dhoom 3 should renamed to Aamir Khan’s greatest tryst with double role. Although a weak script, and even weaker first half; Dhoom 3 is a full and out masala entertainer, and should be treated that way only. Mixing sensibilities and technicalities of movie making will take the fun away.

The 15 year old kid sitting besides me was thrilled at each and every bike stunt being showcased, and the uncle besides me loved Katrina Kaif’s performance in her song “Kamli” that he was clapping once the song finished. The movie has some amazing action stunts and the bikes have become more menacing and the stunts more devilish. Story is weak, direction way below the standard and the ‘story-telling’ technique is going wayward. Unfortunately, the same old Chopra family traditions were applied. Oh yes, there is one kiss as well.

Dhoom 3 Review

Aamir Khan stole the show, with his amazingly intense acting and delivery. There are two Aamirs in the movie, and the double role he has played can be compared with that of Robot’s Rajanikanth or Dilip Kumar’s Ram aur Shyam. It can easily be equalled with Ishwar’s Anil Kapoor as well. (Disclaimer: Aamir is my favorite Bollywood actor, and I am heavily biased towards him. Sorry.. 🙂 )

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, well, they were just extras. Katrina Kaif has two songs, and few interesting dialogue sessions in between, and did her best. She danced, she cracked jokes, she romanced and she did her part good.

Uday Chopra should seriously officially retire. His stupid smile and antics have not changed a bit since last 10 years. His presence irritated the screen and shifted the focus away from the main plot. Abhishek was looking cool, and don’t know why, he is not picking up movies. He has matured a lot, and in a way, he too played double role, though for a short time.

The whole movie has been shot in Chicago, USA, and the songs are ok. Malang and Kamli were above average and Tu hi Junoon by Mohit Chauhan was good.

Dhoom 3 Review

The climax of the movie was awesomely shot, and the ending will surprise you. I observed that few movie goers are revealing the end by posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. For those: Please, don’t do that. Keep that as a surprise. Respect the director’s view and his efforts!

I will give it 4 out 5, and for Aamir, 6 out 5. If you are a Aamir Khan’s fan, then don’t miss it.

  • Vineet Dua

    Biased feedback towards (rather in ‘favor’ of) Aamir as mohul acknowledges. Can happen to any fan…therez blind faith !!! There is aamir all over and too much work by him (as he adds to it by his intense one year gymming n fat reduction in single digits). His facial muscles needed more flexes to help him do justice to his performances. SRK you arent alone but yes aamir hasnt touched that low level and that too intentionally. It was a well attempted performance leaving room for improvement. The lil buoy enacting aamir was by far more genuine and true to his performance (no criticism though for aamir with this comparison), time aamir goes back to acting basics, but unfortunately, chennai express kind of box office success for D3 will make aamir miss the point on where he needs to improve. (now am sounding too critical of aamir but in true honesty it’s a feedback if it reaches him, will help him amass massive eyeballs nor may be less but more satisfied audiences.)

    Rest Abhishek in certain scenes had decent expressions but cant match the angry sr. bachchan expressions n aura. More than his acting, the little and more attention was taken by fake but seemingly fitting beards on him while trying to woo n befriend the aamir duo.

    Uday by far has and had the best comic timing in D-series (he is now being judged by his other failed past movies than his performance in Dhoom series). Any lack of attention to his character is attributed to the short length of his role and cliche tapori performance besides the absence of a leading love lady for him in the form or Esha (Deol) or Bipasha to add to his tapori flings. The firangan Chicago officer failed to be a love angle for Uday.

    Katrina seemed a beautiful dancer with awkward n jerky dance movements in start (to impress the circus ringmaster) later turning into a full gymnast, but with no impact to make on story ,other than showcasing the fact that women make a man lose his senses, here the sense lost lunatic aamir fell more into this trap n later led to the cause of drowned twins.

    The movie in all lost it’s track, failing to connect simple story points on how abhishek/uday fly to chicago n how abhishek managing to stay in US despite being put off the charlie case chase, though the plot had a wonderful story, which could have been made far better into an overall celluloid experience (especially with the acting), but now indian audiences post prabhudeva era of direction and rajini sir of acting style are getting served some loud performances (acting n stunts all included). This seemed like a D…DD Dhoom 3 attempt inspired from R…rrrrajkumar or crouching tiger hidden dragon (wonder 40% of the movie scenes must have been on cables and editing team had a lot to work on.) No denying and taking any credit away from the amazing duo scenes or saahil n his twin bro, the eyes fail to capture and find a moment when the two are not technically considered to be around eachother. Hats off to the technical wizards !!!

    And this feedback cannot end without missing attention to that ever changing form of that BMX xseries 1200 bike or watever that model no. was (the model no. seemed like an ever increasing n strange new no. for a BB device). The bike showed more capability to change shape and capture weirdest of the imagination. It was a futuristic vehicle to run on road, float on water like a boat and dip below working as a mini submarine leaving to imagination that it could fly too but ended up only being a duck (little more than that) with a few meter far jump. Not sure if it can be a dream vehicle but it sure added a lot to imagination. Besides aamir, this was the other most perfect piece (here a gadget and not human) which was made to work out the most.

    The last thoughts and words of appreciation therefore stay with the perfect duo of aamir n the bike(s).

    Nothing else comes to my mine other than the one-liner

    “Bande hain hum uske…”

    The winner at the end are YRF Brand, Great Marketing – Hype, Hoopla and promotion in the form of low promotion besides the name and aura of Mr. aamir khan. Good or bad – this movie will be remembered for him more than any of the past villians. And to end that one-liner

    “Bande hain hum uske…kiske ?? naam hai jinka mr. aamir khan”