I was about to lose a million dollars..

Yup. A million dollars, which is the amount I have figured out, would be the cost of the brand name: mohulghosh.com in future.

Distant future.. πŸ™‚

And I was about to loose it.. Very marginally, I made it and saved it, along with a million dollars.

And all thanks to The Pirate from Bombay. It was the active and timely tweet from this pirate which literally saved my ass.

The story:

mohulghosh.com was officially bought as on October 13, 2010. After being bought, it wasn’t much used till April, 2011, when it was finally launched. Having garnered close to 50 comments and around a thousand views per week, mohulghosh.com lay low for few months. There were other official responsibilities along with some personal ones which played havoc on this humble site’s posting capabilities. Life just moved on.

Out of blues, a sudden tweet from Aditya aka The Pirate from Mumbai, woke me up.


Frenzy. My knees were shacking.. as I hit the reply button and asked him forgiveness.

I contacted the domain provider, and asked the details. They informed me that the domain had expired, and well, I didn’t respond to their repeated emails. God forbid, I have neverΒ  received a mail from them, I told. They relented, and finally gave the domain back after I paid up the renewal charges.

Woof. A relief. Such silly mistakes and carelessness could have really cost me my own domain name as well as a million dollars.

Thanks again, Aditya aka The Bombay Pirate!

So, lets rock the show. If you are still reading it right now, then I want to promise that mohulghosh.com would be now more active. And more vibrant.

And a very big news awaits all…

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  • http://bombaypirate.com Aditya Kane

    LOL, congrats on getting back your domain and thanks for making me look cool… πŸ˜€

    • http://www.facebook.com/mohulghosh Mohul Ghosh

      Thanks a lot dude! and hey.. You are cool.. uber-cool!

  • http://www.tech2date.com Gourav Jain

    The Bombay Pirate is a real Life Savior. Somehow, he also saved my life.

    Anyway, its good to see your posts coming Mohul bro and “Long Live The BombayPirate !!!”

    • http://www.facebook.com/mohulghosh Mohul Ghosh

      oh really? Would love to hear more regarding the Bombay Pirate πŸ™‚ and yeah dude.. the pages would filled fast now.. there is lots and lots to share!

  • http://www.techupdates.info/ Swayam Das

    Nice.. So now that you’re back on track.. I think you should think about expanding the blog’s outlook and the entire management. πŸ˜‰ Just a thought!