What Is Mass and What Is Communication – Overview of Mass Communication

Mass Communication is the profession where individuals and entities broadcast and relay information to a large quantity of people, defined as mass.

Some of the components of mass communication, through which information and data is usually communicated: newspapers, television, cinema, websites, blogs and radio.

The base of mass communication is that information should be broadcasted in a way which persuades or effects the behavior, attitude, opinion, or emotion of the person receiving the information.


What is Communication?

The most important factor in clearly understanding the subject of mass communication is by clearly comprehending what communication is all about. Mark Twain had famously said that “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightening and a lightening bug”.

With that in mind, let us explore what exactly communication is!

The term communication is derived from Latin term “commūnicāre”, which means “to share”. Thus, communication means to exchange information and data in the most purposeful way across space and time using technical or natural means. Hence, when tribal community shouts across forests to convey information, it is part of communication; when a blogger publishes his blog to share his own point of view, it is communication and so is a TV program airing latest news.


As per Wikipedia, the process of communication can be divided into three stages:

  • Thought: In the initial stages, the information lies in the mind of the sender: which can be a feeling, a concept or an idea
  • Encoding: Conversion of this idea or feeling into a meaningful form of expression is encoding. It can be done electronically or via organic methods
  • Decoding: The receiver converts this encoded information into a way which makes it easier and feasible to consume the data.

What Is Mass?

Mass is the public, the readers, the viewers, the absorbers of information, who will consume your communication. For understanding mass, you have to be specific and focused on the niche where you want to implement your mass communication principles.

The study of mass communication is now mainstream, as India’s top educational institutes have started offering this field of study. Some of the top mass comm. colleges in India are now popular even in abroad as students visit them for availing the best education.

Alternative to Mass Communication

Journalism is a close cousin of mass communication, and if writing and observing is your cup of tea, then you can even opt for some of the best Journalism colleges in India such as Asian College of Journalism, ICFAI and Asian Academy of Film & Television.

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