Lovely Professional University (LPU): An Overview

Imagine studying in a 600 acre campus, teeming with 25,000 students studying 200+ programs, supported by 3500 teaching and non-teaching staff with gigantic hostels accommodating 15,000 students and connections with 35 top Universities around the world.

Welcome to Lovely Professional University – India’s largest private university in terms of students in a single campus.

Unless you have been living under a rock cave, you must have heard about LPU, and the amazing educational environment it offers for students.

LPU is recognized under Section 2(F) of UGC Act 1956, and currently 25,000 students from 28 states and 26 countries are studying there. The University is situated on NH1 at the entrance of Jalandhar city in Punjab.

lovely professional university

The best part about studying in a university like LPU is the exposure which one gets in terms of education and extra-curricular activities. LPU has tie-ups with some of the biggest universities of the world from UK, USA, Australia and Canada, due to which LPU students get a chance to visit these universities and study there as well.

Courses Offered

LPU offers world class education in the fields of Engineering, Medical, Management, Arts, Humanities and Science, including Commerce, Computers, Design, Architecture, Law and lot more. You can get a comprehensive list of courses offered at LPU at CollegeDunia, which is India’s most popular search engine for education.

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International Programs at LPU

There are mainly 4 types of International Programs offered at LPU:

a)      International Twinning Arrangement Programs: Students can complete a part of education at LPU, and the rest at any one of the partner universities all over the world.

b)      English Language Programs for international students: Students from those countries where English is not the first language can get their in-depth knowledge and expertise of Englishj language

c)       Study India Programs: International students can take part in this initiative and learn more India and it’s rich cultural heritage

d)      Study Abroad Programs: Students can complete their degrees from any foreign university, which has tied up with LPU, and the marks and credits would be clubbed together as per Indian educational system.

In terms of ranking and reviews, LPU no doubt stands out among the mediocre colleges from the rest of India. If you are looking for world class education from a University which values knowledge and skills, the LPU is the place to be.