5 Interesting Facts About Dental Practices In India

As per Wikipedia, dentistry is the branch of medicine which is involved in the study; diagnosis; prevention and treatment of oral cavity and of adjacent tissues and structures. Dentistry has a fascinating history inside India.


source: Pravara.com

Top 5 interesting facts about dental practices in India:

  • In the ruins of Indus Valley Civilization, archeologists have found human teeth which were drilled way back in 3300 BC. This means that the practice and study of dental sciences was prevalent even in those times, which are 10,000 years from current time.
  • Danteshwari is a temple in Bastar, Jharkhand which is dedicated to the tooth of Sati. It is believed that when Sati was being taken to heaven, her teeth fell in this location. Locals believe that all tooth problems get resolved over here, by divine intervention.
  • There are several instances of dentistry and dental research in ancient Indian stories and epics such as Mahabharat. For example, when Karan was injured during the battle, Krishna came to him disguised in the form of Brahmin, and demanded that he give him gold. Karan had earlier promised all Brahmins that he will donate Gold to any Brahmin which comes to him. Karan had a golden tooth, and he extracted it to donate to Krishna. Medical historians believe that dentistry was well advanced during that time which helped Karan to extract his tooth.
  • Sushruta, who was regarded as one of the greatest Indian sage and medical teacher taught dentistry in Kashi (modern day Banaras), which proves that dentistry was flourishing all over India. Later, as Hinduism reached another stage of superstitions and fears, the practice was not followed, which didn’t change much during Mughal period.


  • In 1924, the first Dental college was established in India. Dr. R. Ahmed started this dental college in Kolkata. In 1933, the legendary Nair Dental College and Hospital was opened and in 1938, The Government Dental College in Mumbai were opened, which formed the biggest trio of dental education in the country.

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