3 Rare Images & 3 Interesting Facts About IIT Roorkee Which You Didn’t Knew

IIT Roorkee was established in the year 1853, and it was known as Thomason College of Civil Engineering during that time. Later, after India’s independence, the name changed to University of Roorkee. In 2001, it was made part of the IITs, and its name changed to IIT Roorkee.

The name was derived from its founder Sir James Thomason, who was a lieutenant governor in the British Raj, posted at Haridwar, a place near to Roorkee.

IIT Roorkee is considered as one of the best engineering colleges in India, and especially as one of the top MTech colleges in India.

Here are 3 interesting facts which were not aware of about IIT Roorkee:

  • In its earlier years, its prestige ( and to some extent quality of education) was so high that engineering degree was only allowed for Europeans. Indians were allowed non-engineering courses. Later in 1948, it was renamed to University of Roorkee and became the first engineering college of Independent India. Jagdish Narain, who later became famous soil scientist, was its first student.


  • IIT Roorkee have signed Memorandum of Understanding with several universities which enable more than 500 students every year from 50 countries to visit their campus and study there. Some of the participating universities are: National University of Singapore (NUS); Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland; Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany; Institut National des Télécommunications, France; University of Texas at Dallas, USA; New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), USA; University of Waterloo, Canada; University of Western Ontario, Canada.


  • It is the only institution in India, whose alumni is so powerful: 25 awardees of the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology; 10 awardees of Padma Bhushan; 2 awardees of Padma Vibhushan and innumerable MPs, MLAs, Head ofd Government Departments. Amit Singhal, who played a major part in structuring Google algorithm along with Rakesh Agarwal, father of Data Mining has also studies at IIT Roorkee

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