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The best way to contact me is by mailing me at: or

I am very very active on Facebook and kind of active on Twitter.

WordsWithMagic is the Content Marketing blog I have created to share the best knowledge and tactics of Content Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In addition to that, I have also created a community of Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Writers and Dreamer here, which you can join and instantly connect with me.

I am a regular contributor to where I write about Business and Marketing along with Social Media and Entrepreneurship.

TheRodinhoods is the community where I am pretty much active and love to participate.

Here is my LinkedIn Profile as well.

I love Reddit where I share some of the top content related with India, Online Marketing and Business!

In addition to that, I love reading books, and this Goodreads profile is where I keep the list updated!

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(updated: January 4, 2014)