Online Marketing Without Google

What if Google closes today? What if your website which was appearing on #1 position for several keywords, suddenly disappears from the scene? What if you were told to do Online Marketing, without Google?

Online Marketing is a multi billion dollar industry, no doubt. But unfortunately, most of the bloggers & online marketers’ synonym Google with Online Marketing.

images (1)Here is a small bit of data related with  In the year 2012, some 4.3 million new smart phone users from all over the world generated sales of $13 billion (Rs 65,000 crore) on the website Over all, more than $175 billion worth of goods were traded on Ebay!

And that is, just a website which acts as marketplace.  There are thousands of such powerful websites and portals and marketplaces, which are doing good business.

Marketing, selling and creating online is an industry which is witnessing intense explosion in every aspect; more people are joining the bandwagon, they are buying more and selling more.

But still, I happen to see bloggers and internet entrepreneurs failing to see the bigger picture, and lay trapped in the game of PR, Alexa and DA.

These are just tools to measure the worth of a website; to impress the so called advertisers to pay money for advertisement on your website. Its part of a business model, which needs further saturation. It’s not the end game!

So, how will you do Online Marketing, sans Google?

The idea of this post started with an interesting discussion on Facebook:


 It received more than 30 comments within an hour, and naturally, I was sucked into the discussion.

The point I tried to put across was that, treat Google as another traffic source for your online empire. Nothing more than that. Every business seeks profit, and Google is no different. For Google, it is the quality of search which they measure by mysterious ways. It has nothing to do with bloggers and webmasters. If they think (or their algorithm thinks) that your website or blog is a piece of junk, they will kick you out.

As simple as that!

The solution of doing Online Marketing without Google is to build your own tribe.

Here is my reply to the Facebook thread:




As Seth Godin says, every tribe leader needs true 1000 fans to survive. And if your product/service or idea is good enough(solving a particular problem/ targeted and share-worthy), then these 1000 fans will increment to 10,000 and 100,000 and a million.. Good stories spread fast and spread hard.

Online Marketing is like playing chess.. you need to create a strategy, implement a blue print and execute and measure. If you sole business model is based on the unstable traffic from Google, then, God forbid, your business model is flawed. Google can become your good friend, but don’t try to make it your soulmate: it may ditch you any moment.

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With Success Comes Scrutiny

Eric SchmidtRead the testimony of Eric Schmidt, executive president of Google Inc. This testimony was presented before the JudiciarySubcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights as on September 21, 2011.

Download the document here.. Eric-Schmidt-Testimony

Being an avid Google user and searcher, this is certainly one big news for me. In this pdf document, I understood the organizational and emotional fights which Google employees experience before finalizing any change or update in the world’s biggest search engine.

Very interesting read indeed.

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Google Will Rewrite My Web-Pages And Improve My Page-Speed!

This is one of the most happening things to have occurred lately in the hard-core technical world of Search Engine Optimization. And, according to my calculations, this new development can change the way you were managing the page-speed till now. The reason: Google will charge you for this!

Rewriting the pages?

Google has offered to literally rewrite your web-pages, and send back to you. Such a rewriting operation by Google will help to improve the page speed of any website upto 60%.

You can register by visiting: I just filled the form for Google has already said that this is a free ‘trial’ and not everyone who applies will get approval. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I was really intrigued by the notion of being served rewritten content by Google for improving page speed. I dug deeper, and found that in reality, Google will add some extra lines of codes into the source code of my web-pages. Thus, you can observe the difference in the source code: before rewriting and after rewriting.

You can check the page-speed of your website here and then calculate the difference once you choose Page-Speed from Google.

You can find the whole documentation and FAQs here:

Google will also provide a Google API powered dashboard wherein the webmasters can control the settings of rewriter as well the outcome of the rewriting. You can test the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results, and tweak the pages which are lacking. Additionally, there are many many options in the dashboard like blacklisting those pages for which you don’t need a page-speed. They have done their homework.

Will Google Charge Me For This?

Lastly, the interesting part. As I told earlier, Google has announced that currently this is a free trial. And that means, Google will charge for this service in future. In Google’s words, “At this time, the service is being offered to a limited set of webmasters free of charge. Pricing will be competitive and details will be made available later. You will then have at least 30 days to decide if you want to continue using the service.”

It will be really interesting to see how many webmasters will really pay for using such a service, which, as of now, is mainly handled by the webmaster himself or the development team.

Are the days of free service by Google over?

I will really love to have your comments!

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