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Do you need to buy bus tickets regularly? Then you should use online bus booking portals. They are really fantastic. They have many fantastic benefits over the traditional bus booking system. This article discusses the differences between online bus booking portals and common bus ticket stores. Surely, after reading the article, you will be very much interested to use the online bus booking portals.

Want to get discounts on bus tickets? Then you are highly recommended to use online bus booking portals. If you buy tickets in bulk, then you can get discounts. Moreover, when it is holiday, most online bus booking providers offer discounts. You see, they can save your money very easily. If you want to get the most out of your money, then they are highly recommended to use. For more offer and coupons on bus booking visit

Bus booking, bus booking websites,coupons

Online bus booking portals are very easy to use. If you use them, you will certainly be willing to use them over and over. To be honest, browsing online bus booking websites is as simple as cake. Even a kid with very little technical knowledge can use it. So, don’t get scared at all. You will love the interface of online bus stores very much. Everything has been organized nicely, so you can find whatever you want very easily. In fact, simplicity is one of the major reasons behind the success of online bus booking portals.

bus booking counter

Reliable payment method is one of the major reasons why online bus booking service is successful today. Many Indian people are still ignorant about the Internet. For them, Internet is still mystery. Many of them think that online stores are not safe. In fact, they are not wrong completely as there are some online Indian sites which are fraud. Many people were not satisfied with their service, which made them suspicious about online sites. But things are changing very fast. For example, online shopping sites offer cash on delivery, which is a very reliable, popular system. So, online Indian bus ticket booking portals are getting popular when it comes to safety. You can get receipt instantly, and it is acceptable in all bus counters. So, give it a try.

The current situation of online bus booking portals is quite good. No doubt it will be better day by day. The new technology has overcome its primary problems, so it is now time to think forward. Certainly, the service will be more popular in the near future. Lots of people will be interested to use the service for sure because of its simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Today, we love the system very much.

Buying products from online stores is a great experience. Similarly, getting service from online websites is also a nice experience. It makes our life simpler, easier. There are many kinds of sites that offer many kinds of services. Online bus booking portals have been one of the most helpful sites for Indian people. India is a very populated country, so this kind of online service is highly appreciated. You should give it a try if you have never tried it before.

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Looking For Best Colleges? Will Immensely Help you With Information

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by a 3rd year BBA student who wanted to remain anonymous due to his personal reasons. We have not edited a single word which he had written.

My biggest dream till last week, was to get admission into the best college. I wanted to experience the college fun, the rigorous academic schedule and a reputation to boast of.

students searching for colleges in India
Image Source:

But sadly, I was struck in a distant 2nd tier college in a remote district in Bihar. I was struggling to find the best college for my post graduate studies; a college which fulfils all my dreams.

I happened to surf Google one day, and say it my good luck or my good fortune, I stumbled upon; and trust me guys, it changed my life henceforth.

I was doing BBA, and hence my natural inclination was towards a Management level course for post graduate. But once I entered CollegeDunia while searching for CAT 2014, I realized that there is so much else to do!

I discovered some amazing colleges in design, architecture, art, law and engineering, which I had never thought of before. After I discovered the colleges and the associated programs, I actually thought hard about my passion and my goal in life.

In a way, CollegeDunia totally changed my world view.


Now, no longer I was stuck with ‘just management’; but an entire galaxy of options opened up infront of me.

I learnt that there exists vocational courses as well, which I can do part time, and earn money. I discovered top rated agriculture based courses, and the colleges which provide them.

And the best part: This educational portal also helps in clearing engineering entrance exams and interviews! You can find best resources for all major entrance exams, besides the prep exams, and sample question papers.

Even if you are searching for medical entrance exams, CollegeDunia will come to your rescue and provide the best information, for free!

The first day I visited this awesome website, I spent close to 5 hours, without even realizing that so much time has passed. Next day, I again logged into the portal, and started my research for the best college.

This portal has been designed in a way which is far more appealing and easy to navigate, compared to other portals in the same market. Navigation was as fast as wind, information clearly available, and content was top class. I actually enjoyed reading the blogs and the information, without feeling bore.

Man, how I wish that every educational portal creates websites in the same manner, as CollegeDunia has done!

Within the first 5 minutes of my visit to this blazing fast portal, I registered with them and created an exclusive account on the website. The confirmation email instantly arrived on my email address, and the process was done in seconds: considering that I access slow Internet in a rural place, this is indeed an achievement.

One of the most important reasons I registered with CollegeDunia was the fact the guys behind this portal provided so much high quality information, for free! For instance, I came to know some major tips and tactics to clear CAT in one single go; I got the information that Mumbai University provides correspondence courses, for everyone.

Imagine I can do a course from the highly acclaimed Mumbai University, without moving out from my home. (not me, but my sister can opt this correspondence course, as she is already married. When I informed her about this unique opportunity, she thanked me)

If you are searching for any college or want to pursue the course which you always dreamt of, I will highly recommend CollegeDunia. The portal is the one stop destination for all information related with colleges, courses and other details which are so important for a student.

Via this blog, I would like to thank them for the amazing portal, and wish them best of luck!

From Editors: CollegeDunia is India’s premier Educational Classifieds Portal, which also provides timely information and news about courses and colleges in India. This educational startup has been founded by 3.14 Digital. As of now, you can receive information about more than 20,000 colleges with detailed specifications such as entrance exam details, admission procedures and more. Please visit for more information.

India’s Fastest Train at 160 km/hour Will Cover 200 Kms in 90 Minutes From November Onwards

Trial run of India’s fastest train has been completed successfully. November onwards, passengers can travel at 160 kms/hour, which has been officially called as India’s first semi-high speed train.

The trial run was conducted between Delhi and Agra, a distance of 200 kms which was covered in 99 minutes, while the returning journey took 103 minutes. Once the track is optimized and some minor modifications completed, this distance of 200 kms will be covered in 90 minutes (if not halt is provided in between)

India's Fastest Train

November onwards, Indian Railways is expected to roll out Delhi-Agra as well as Delhi-Chandigarh and Delhi-Jaipur route using this semi-high speed train.

As of now, the fastest train in India is Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express which runs at 150 kms/hour. Normally, Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains run at 90-130 kms/hour speed.

Anurag Sachan who is Deputy Regional Manager (DRM) Delhi Division said on completion of this trail run, “It is another leap to break the existing speed barrier of trains in the Indian Railways network. The trial run was conducted successfully and we hope to start commercial service by November,”

For the trial run, a 10-coach train was chosen, powered by WAP 75400HP engine.

These are some of the modifications and technical upgrades which had been done for successful run of this fastest Indian train:

–          Around 16 speed restriction curves and areas along the route were upgraded to improve the speed, costing Rs 15 crore.

–          A fence will be created, to cover 27 kms of residential areas, so that no untoward incident happens when the train is running at full speed.

–          Delhi-Agra rail track was earlier certified for 150 km/hour speed, which has now been upgraded

–          Rajdhani, Shatabdi and other trains which were supposed to cross the rail line in this route were diverted or halted for the test run

–          Signalling system has been upgraded as well; this route already has the advanced “Automatic Multi Aspect Signaling”

Currently, Japan is testing world’s fastest train called Shinkansen bullet train between Tokyo and Nagoya, which will achieve speed of 581 km/hour. Indian Railways is also planning to test trains at 300-350 km/hour speed on Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Delhi-Amritsar routes. Announcements for the same are expected during the next Railways Budget on July 8th.

As of now, this trial run between Delhi – Agra at 160 km/hour has been officially declared as the fastest Indian train.

Why Will I Recommend To Indian online shoppers

Last week, one of my close friends from Mumbai started searching for the best Android powered smartphones. He scanned various portals and websites, read reviews and finally decided to go for Samsung Galaxy Series. As he was about to click the “Pay” button, he called me and asked for some coupons which can help him reduce the price. I immediately recommended him to, which is by far the most productive and useful site for hunting coupons. He mailed me after few hours, thanking me for recommending Zoutons and helping him get the right coupons which brought down the price significantly. Review

I have myself used this website to search for relevant coupons, and have never ever disappointed.

What Are Coupons and How Can Zoutons Help You?

With the advent of ecommerce, there has been an explosion of new portals and websites offering anything and everything super cheap and super convenient. In order to help you navigate this complex labyrinth of offers and discounts, websites and ecommerce companies are now offering loads of discounts and special offers by means by coupons which should be entered at the time of making the payment.

The problem with these coupons is their discoverability: Just like my friend from Mumbai, most of the online buyers are not aware of the place where they can find all these coupons and help themselves with lower prices. Fortunately for my friend, I was aware of Zoutons, and directed him there. But vast majority of people are still clueless about these discount coupons and end up paying more when they can easily bring the cost down.

To deal with this problem, 3.14 Digital, an Affiliate Marketing company based in New Delhi launched which is a search engine to find the best coupons for any product which is being sold online. Interestingly, you can even upload any discount coupon and share with the community so that online shoppers can make use of that.

Top Categories at Zoutons

You can find more than 100 categories on this portal, ranging from electronics products, shoes, apparel, games, art, travel, dating and lot more. The categories which are in huge demand right now are: Electronics, Travel & Recharge.

You can find all the categories available here. Review

Besides these, Zoutons also offers attractive coupons and deals related with banking sector, an initiate which cannot be found on any other deal related site. You can find some of the top brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma etc as well. And the best part is that coupons from the biggest ecommerce portals such as Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon etc are also available, making your search super easy and super productive.

Who Are Behind Zoutons?

This coupon and deal search engine is backed by 3.14 Digital, an affiliate marketing firm founded by Sahil Chalana who is a Bits Pilani alumnus. Right now, 3.14 Digital manages 35 million emails a month, managing affiliate marketing of some of the biggest brands in India such as NIIT, Policy Bazaar, Educomp, Food Panda and more. Zoutons was launched in July 2013 with Rs 20 lakh incubation funds from 3.14 Digital.

Sahil recently shared in an interview, “Majority of time is being spent on training teams to deliver the best available deals on all stores. We are now delivering coupons, deals and discounts on around 300 top eCommerce stores, 50 banks and 450 brands for our users,”.

Why Zoutons Rock?

As I observed while using the website since last few months, there are three distinct advantages which Zoutons have, which can really change the game of the whole market:

–          Quality of Coupons: Zoutons have a dedicated team of 6-7 members who cross-check each and every coupon available in their website. This team regularly checks the availability of the discount, and analyzes how these coupons can help the end user. With such a strong focus on the quality, no wonder a first time visitor very soon becomes their permanent customer.

–          Bank specific discounts: As shared earlier, Zoutons have included 30 – 35 odd banks within their network, which means that user can also get bank specific discounts which no other deal site offers. You can sort the discounts based on the particular bank, and then shop the products. How cool is that! Review


–          Mobility: Zoutons can be easily accessed via mobile phones, and their user interface is so well researched and easy that any first time visitor can instantly choose the coupon and proceed with the shopping.

No doubt coupons space is right now overcrowded with a new player emerging after every few days. But it’s the “survival of the fittest” rule which will determine the surviving players of this niche. With the current portfolio of coupons and deals available on, no doubt I will place my bet on them.

Do share your experiences of using this amazing search engine of deals and coupons and let me know how your ride was?!

IPL 2013 – In Pics (till now)

Sometimes back, I had announced that I won’t watch IPL.

But then, I realized that 200 million Indians are anyways watching it.. And some of them who are at the heart of action, in the stadium, are the ones who are having maximum fun.

Pretty Zinta.. He is all Dressed Up!

Lucky guys!

Here are few images of those moments.. as captured by Rediff. Oops, I forgot the exact URL 🙂

[juicebox gallery_id=”1″]


5 Reasons I Won’t Watch IPL 6 (Strictly Personal Views)

Way back, once upon a time, I used to be a die hard cricket fan.

I used to get up at 2 AM to watch every ball of India vs West Indies. I used to note down every ball of every over in a diary and then watch the highlights as well!

I used to steal money from dad’s purse and buy atleast 5 cricket magazines. I would paste the posters all around my room and changed them frequently.

But now, I won’t do that. I would not watch IPL 6.


1) Sachin Tendulkar playing under Ricky Ponting? Are you kidding me? I can’t even imagine such a scenario, forget about watching!

2) Reliable sources have informed me that matches would be predictable. Results are known to several people with few crores to gamble. Dirty.

3) I anyhow watch most of the players in the advertisements all around. And to again watch them in shiny clothes doesn’t inspire me much.

4) Multi crore bucks have been invested in these players. Oh sorry, they have been bought. In a auction. When they will play, money would be the only ambition and motivation and inspiration to perform well. Be it Australia or West Indies, its all the same! Brothers in Arm.

5) That advertisement which will hit you in between, they are priced Rs 4.5 Lakh per 10 seconds. My fingers would tremble while changing the channels during a break!

Where would be the rivalry? The passion.. the fight? I just don’t get it.. IPL for me is a reality show, live on TV.

Sports, was something else..


In case my resistance fails, and I do end up watching, I will surely update this page. But for time being, I won’t!


Happy Birthday, Facebook!







Our dear old Facebook was officially launched today, February 04. The year was 2004.

To the right, you can see the home page of the original website, And image credit for this picture goes to a beautiful post on the Evolution of Facebook.

TheFaceBook Orignal Pic
TheFaceBook Orignal Pic

The night Mark Zuckerberg decided to launch a website to avenge his ex girl friend; he posted the following posts in his Livejournal account:

“I’m a little intoxicated, not gonna lie. So what if it’s not even 10 pm and it’s a Tuesday night? What? The Kirkland [dorm] facebook is open on my desktop and some of these people have pretty horrendous facebook pics. I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive”

—9:48 pm


Yea, it’s on. I’m not exactly sure how the farm animals are going to fit into this whole thing (you can’t really ever be sure with farm animals…), but I like the idea of comparing two people together.

—11:09 pm


Let the hacking begin.

—12:58 am

And true to its word, this stunning hack has already hypnotized 800 million plus Facebook fans.

Have a great year ahead, Facebook!


About the author: Mohul Ghosh is an Online Marketer and Writer, who is polishing his skills at Social Media Management. For understanding more about what he does, you can read his professional pitch. Or, why should you love him! You can connect with Mohul on Facebook here and on Twitter here. Oh yes. He is on Google+ as well. You can subscribe to Mohul’s feed by clicking this link. And, please don’t forget to write your comments at the bottom. Mohul survives on your feedback!



Biggest Technological News For Me Till Now – Steve Jobs Dies

Words cannot describe the influence Steve Jobs had on my life’s major professional decisions, including the foray into technological and entrepreneurship world. I secretly considered him to be my role model, albeit conditionally, in different spheres of life. And, my last ‘long distant’ ambition was to write a movie-script based on life and times of Steve Jobs (!)

He has just died, and I can feel my eyes moist and heart beat going slow.

I wont be able to meet him now, never.

Steve Jobs resigns
Steve Jobs

We will miss you, Steve.




The Most Important SEO Tip You Will Ever Find

In my last two years of eMarketing career, during which I worked both as Content Developer and SEO Consultant, not to mention Social Media Analyst, I have come across situations where expert SEOs  were not able to comprehend the solutions when they were present right next to them.

In the midst of performing ‘high’ end activities like creating link strategies and social branding, we used to forget the very basic principle around which the whole Online Marketing game is based.

What is the Primary keyword?

I know many among you will just laugh along, stating that everyone knows that. ( In that case, you can leave this page right now, and read why I loved Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or what is a Catch-22 situation)

But knowing a particular fact and actually implementing that is different. And exactly this happens when it comes to focusing on the primary keyword.

So, to answer to all those newbies and starters in SEO as well as Social Media, here is a very simple advice from a person who has little bit of experience. Always focus on that main Primary Keyword and revolve all operations around that.

And believe me, whether its a small 10 page WordPress website or a big 5000 page Magento enabled eCommerce website, there is always a main Primary Keyword for the project. Sub-directories and Sub-categories should be revolved around that main term.

Now, there are two aspects to it. For SEO persons, the most obvious aspect is that Google loves such arrangement. And, this certainly helps while Google crawler visits the website. But, the other aspect is human experience. The fact is, human beings as a natural instinct, always concentrate on those entities which are easily navigable and searched. So, if your website is about “How to make money online” and you include pages for “WordPress Installation” and “Free Theme”, then the actual visitor or Google crawler, both will be confused.

It’s a classic example of deviating from that main Primary keyword.

Same is the case in Social Media projects. Every activity which is performed for the fans/followers should be created by placing the main term or the idea which is the base of the whole project, right in the middle and then revolving the sub-topics one by one. Such an arrangement also provides ample opportunity for content creation.

So, in case you haven’t determined that main Primary keyword for your website, then do it right away.

More to follow, on my new blog.

I would love to have your comments on this post.

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PS: If you are disappointed that you couldn’t find any such earth-shattering SEO tip, which can be termed as “The Most Important” or you feel that the title is mis-leading.. then please do share your anger on my comments 🙂




Android Phones Which You Should Avoid

If you are still devoid of an Android based smart phone, and looking for information to purchase one, then this post may somewhat assist you determining what to ‘avoid’. The Android market is getting hotter day by day with new handsets rolling out almost every week.

Some of these handsets like the Samsung Galaxy series and Motorola Atrix have become instant hits with the masses. Nexus series is another prototype which you will avoid missing. But, with along with the good ones, there are certainly some bad ones too, which can provide you little value for money.

To cut the crap, here is the list of Android phones which you can avoid.

The post comes straight from, which is a good source of relevant and useful information.

Dell Streak
Dell Streak (image credit:

The surprise entry in this Hall of Shame list is Dell Streak! Veteran Wall Street tech gadget expert Walt Mossberg has completely denounced this offering from the stable of Dell. If we believe him, this is one of the worst devices he reviewed in 2010. Interesting read indeed.

Other notable entries include Motorola Citrus and HTC Thunderbolt, which had been launched with quite fanfare.

Do post a comment if you find this informative. And hey, I won’t file a case against if you disapprove of this list. Write it down dude!


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