TomorrowLand: Disney’s Newest Attempt To Save The World With Positive Vibes

As you come out from the theater, you can’t help with feel the emotions which one normally gets after coming out from a motivational seminar: Being positive, being optimistic, a bit scared about the future and full of a new hope and enthusiasm.

Tomorrowland, is Disney’s newest attempt to spread the braveness and positive energy. The movie does fumbles along the way, losing the tempo and going a tad too much into summarizing the problems which this world faces: climate, pollution, global warming, depression, political unrest, greed, and laziness.

But aided with stunning visuals and portrayal of some futuristic possibilities, the movie ends up being a perfect family entertainer.

The movie is based on a scenario where there exists a secret society, a cult of creative thinkers, science wizards, mathematic heroes, imaginative children, and sharp scientists, who wish to create a future which is environment friendly, people oriented and so much advanced that we create a global, connected Earth where everyone is happy.

They recruit such intelligent and creative humans, and train them to continue the legend.

TomorrowLand review
TomorrowLand: Image source Wikipedia

George Clooney as Frank Walker is good, but not great; maybe he wasn’t exactly suited for this role. I liked the acting of Britt Robertson as Casey Newton, who represents the optimistic, positive point of view of the whole situation. Frank is brilliant, intelligent, but Casey is more alive.

Disney has turned no stone unturned to include some high quality special effects and visualization of a future which seems pretty interesting. Being a new franchise, and a new plot, I was not disappointed.

The movie lacks comedy, and some wit. Humor is almost absent, although there are some space-time related dad jokes in between.

Overall, a good family entertainer, a movie which kids will love. The tradition at Disney continues!

Tanu Weds Manu: Returns – A Post-Mortem Of Love & Marriage Powered With Avalanche of Emotions

The problem with love marriages is that, they are based on expectations; and once this thin line of ‘trust’ is broken; the very existence of ‘love’ and ‘marriage’ becomes suspicious. But should the couple break off or attempt to rejoin the broken links?

Anand. L. Rai, the director who gave us the fabulous Tanu Weds Manu, returns with a sequel, and well, hits it hard. It a blunt post mortem of a love marriage, which goes wrong somewhere. Fueled by an avalanche of sentiments, tears and emotions, TWMR creates another magic.

Although we can’t compare the first and second parts; but if someone puts a gun at my head, and asks to.. then I will not take more than a second to tell that this one is better in every aspect.

The screenplay is fast, and tightly edited, and the dialogues perfectly blends with the tradition and culture of Kanpur, Lucknow, Jhajjar (Harayana). When it comes to Delhi, then again, the director chooses the most appropriate locations which correctly portray the color of the situation (example: Purana Quila, Delhi Zoo, a small apartment in West Delhi and more)

Tanu Weds Manu: Returns review
Image Source: Wikipedia

The movie belongs to Kangana Ranaut, who plays the double role, and manages it in the most magnificent manner. The way she molds into a Harayani athlete studying in Delhi University is simply amazing. While the original ‘Tanu’ is showcased even more sophisticated, urbane, vulnerable, glamorous and drama queen; ‘Datto’ is practical, focused, strong, and knows where she is going. Heck, she even fights her own family inorder to marry Sharma ji (Madhavan).

It’s really amazing how Kangana always manages to get immersed in the character, and learn the assent, the style, the attitude so seamlessly. As I am thinking hard, I can’t even imagine Priyanka or Anushka to even attempt such a role. Vidya Balan is the only name which I can recall right now, who can give her a fight in the most crucial department called acting. Hats off!

And, Madhavan! He manages to maintain the consistency of his character, Sharma ji, who is confused, angry and lost.. He knows that he is doing something which he doesn’t really believe in; he knows that he still loves Tanu, but still he falls for the charms of Datto, and begins a journey which changes everything. (I saw ladies in the theater, shredding tears when Kangana roams around the village, with a glass of whiskey and sad old Bollywood song playing in the background)

The humor and the wit continue from where the first part ended, and actually amplifies the whole effect. Deepak Dobriyal, the magician once again weaves his magic and the spontaneous, crude, timely and hilarious dialogues delivered by him forces the audience to laugh out really loud. TWMR is probably the first movie in 2015 where I saw the audience going crazy with laughter in so many scenes and dialogues.

Jimmy Shergil’s Raja Avasthi gets little footage, but his existence is very crucial. He again finds himself as a victim when it comes to getting married; but he takes it easily this time and doesn’t make much noise. It’s the internal fight within Tanu and Manu which is the soul of the movie. Datto is the catalyst, and magnifies the gap which is already present between them.

I will give it a 5/5 – Highly recommended for those, who are still mystified with love.


Avengers: Age of Ultron – Mega Star Cast & Interesting Plot; But The Buzz Is Missing

The biggest drawback of this most awaited sequel is that, it doesn’t create that high of adrenaline rush which its prequel gave, in abundance. Afterall, when the World’s most efficient super heroes gather, then sparks are supposed to fly!

Yes, sparks did fly in the Age of Ultron, but it doesn’t manifest into that ‘memorable’ experience.

Avengers: Age of Ultron review

All the previous Avengers are present here: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man; Chris Hemsworth as Thor; Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk; Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America; Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow;  Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye; Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine. Two new special heroes join them here: Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver and his twin sister Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch who are initially in the wrong camp.

The main villain of this saga is Ultron (voice over by James Spader), which is a computer program developed by Stark to maintain world peace. But something goes wrong, and this computer program suddenly wishes to destroy humanity and end this world. All the super heroes, assemble together to fight Ultron, and finish his evil desires.

In the way, almost all heroes are fighting their own internal battles as well, which force them to realign their priorities, and fight for the common enemy.

Director Joss Whedon could have edited it tight, and included some more blistering, raw action sequence.

What  To Expect:

  • Superhero power, accumulated into one place. The fight of humanity vs artificial intelligence make it even complex
  • Some boring, over the top emotional scenes which can put brakes into the momentum
  • Some high end, scintillating, fast and intense action sequences


  • The movie will be released in USA on May 1st. It was released all over the world one week before the US release to create more buzz. The movie has already grossed $200 million (April 27) which doesn’t include China, US and Japan
  • Two sequels: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 are planned, and would be released in 2018 and 2019 respectively.
  • Avengers is part of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” franchise, which started with Iron Man in 2008. It includes: Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America and in 2015, a new hero Ant-Man will be released. This is world’s second most profitable, and America’s most profitable movie franchise. It is expected that Age of Ultron will gross over $1 billion (Rs 6000 crore)

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Bobby Jasoos – Colorful, creative, optimistic and simply wow!

Its a colorful, creative and totally kickass movie. Vidya has done it again.. She is now one of those ‘successful’ actors who doesnt need to find a movie: movies are made around them! The script is tight, accurate and the screenplay is fast.

Bobby Jasoos review
Image SOurce: Wikipedia

Diya Mirza as a producer has proved that she knows how to invest in movies.. Direction is somewhat is sloppy, but a great story makes up for that. And, Kiran Kumar! Boy, what a comeback.. he is classic with impeccable style and grandeur.. he fits the image of a larger than life ‘Mr Khan’ character we all have in our minds..

This is a movie which people like Salman Khan and others with Rs 200 crore ‘assured’ BO collections power have.. they should invest in such movies! As I asked people around the theater about ratings, I received 3.5 to 4.5 / 5 on an average. Personally, its 4/5. Very optimistic, fun fueled movie!

Dhoom 3 Review: Hats Off To Aamir; Carries Forward A Weak Script With Amazing Performance

Only Aamir could have done it. Any other actor would be sabotaged the whole drama. “Hats” off to Aamir! 

Dhoom 3 should renamed to Aamir Khan’s greatest tryst with double role. Although a weak script, and even weaker first half; Dhoom 3 is a full and out masala entertainer, and should be treated that way only. Mixing sensibilities and technicalities of movie making will take the fun away.

The 15 year old kid sitting besides me was thrilled at each and every bike stunt being showcased, and the uncle besides me loved Katrina Kaif’s performance in her song “Kamli” that he was clapping once the song finished. The movie has some amazing action stunts and the bikes have become more menacing and the stunts more devilish. Story is weak, direction way below the standard and the ‘story-telling’ technique is going wayward. Unfortunately, the same old Chopra family traditions were applied. Oh yes, there is one kiss as well.

Dhoom 3 Review

Aamir Khan stole the show, with his amazingly intense acting and delivery. There are two Aamirs in the movie, and the double role he has played can be compared with that of Robot’s Rajanikanth or Dilip Kumar’s Ram aur Shyam. It can easily be equalled with Ishwar’s Anil Kapoor as well. (Disclaimer: Aamir is my favorite Bollywood actor, and I am heavily biased towards him. Sorry.. 🙂 )

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, well, they were just extras. Katrina Kaif has two songs, and few interesting dialogue sessions in between, and did her best. She danced, she cracked jokes, she romanced and she did her part good.

Uday Chopra should seriously officially retire. His stupid smile and antics have not changed a bit since last 10 years. His presence irritated the screen and shifted the focus away from the main plot. Abhishek was looking cool, and don’t know why, he is not picking up movies. He has matured a lot, and in a way, he too played double role, though for a short time.

The whole movie has been shot in Chicago, USA, and the songs are ok. Malang and Kamli were above average and Tu hi Junoon by Mohit Chauhan was good.

Dhoom 3 Review

The climax of the movie was awesomely shot, and the ending will surprise you. I observed that few movie goers are revealing the end by posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. For those: Please, don’t do that. Keep that as a surprise. Respect the director’s view and his efforts!

I will give it 4 out 5, and for Aamir, 6 out 5. If you are a Aamir Khan’s fan, then don’t miss it.

Ship of Theseus: “That’s the Movie, Sirjee”

While I was entering the theater, I remembered Shyam Benegal’s praise for this movie:“The most significant film to have come out of India in a long time.”.


When the 142 minutes movie finished, there was pin drop silence in the 30% occupied movie theater. All were stunned and immersed in the thought process which was going on subconsciously inside their minds.

I walked some distance, and gently asked the 59 year old general manager from ICICI Bank, who was sitting in the far end of my row: “How was the movie, sirjee”?

After 29 seconds, he slowly turned his head and said, “That’s the movie, sirjee”

I asked him how much will he rate this movie out of 5, and six instantly fingers shot up. 

ship-of-theseus-poster2 The movie ended suddenly, when you were least expecting it.. I was personally trying to find a face, when abruptly, the movie finished.

It really took me a couple of minutes to totally grasp the meaning, the magnitude and the scale of the movie which I had just witnessed.

The characters, one by one, began to whisper in my ears..

“Ha ha.. We are not the same any more.. Heck, even YOU are not the same anymore…!!”

Already being speculated as the official Oscar entry, Ship of Theseus is a masterpiece, woven with a thread of art and sensibility. The flow of the story will take you through an unforgettable journey of joy, pain, death and celebration. The discussions on spirituality and reasoning life with religion and ethics will make your heart beat go faster and mind go numb.

First a little background, which will help you understand the movie and its mission.

Ship of Theseus is a million year old paradox, which has baffled philosophers and thinkers and social scientists for centuries. The core of this paradox: “Whether an object which has had all its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.”

This wiki page explains this in a really simple manner.

Director Anand Gandhi took this paradox, and molded it into a prism of excellent cinema.. a peculiar type of creativity which tinkles our intellect and forces us to think hard.

Social issues, poverty, nationalism, creativity, freedom.. all these heavy topics will suddenly come closer to your conscience.

Ship of Theseus Review
Awesome Camera Work!

You would be surprised to know that Anand Gandhi was the one who wrote dialogues and screenplay for India’s longest running soap opera: Kyuunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki..

And still, in one of the scenes, amidst intense philosophical discussions on life and its meaning, the director never fails to mention that all those who watch these serials “just waste their time.” Its brave and creative cinema.

Also, its intelligent, and witty, and something magical.

The way a blind photographer uses speaking cameras and voice enabled photoshop to click and exhibit awesome photographs, day in and day out.. you realize what art is all about. You began to question your own beliefs and assumptions about life and efforts and failure. The passion and the zeal inspires you..

When you see a monk, who looks like Steve Jobs and is named Maitreya, who speaks rationale language with science and logic, and refuses to believe in any God, then you truly begin to acknowledge the wonders of spirituality and how it is different from religion.

And in another story, its heart warming to see India’s young entrepreneur understanding what life is all about, and very humbly (and sometimes aggressively) informs his grandmom that he is ambitious and compassionate, both at the same time. The way he travels all the way to Sweden to find the culprit, and the associated cinematography is awesome.

In the middle of these stories, I was really amazed how the director has succeeded in weaving in so many different elements in one simple sequence of shots. The editing and the compilation.. amazing!

The narrative style of the movie is again a masterpiece. Three stories are told, one after another.. each having its own flavor and smell.

Excerpts from Wiki entry of the movie:

Aaliya Kamal (Aida El-Kashef) is a visually impaired and celebrated photographer in the process of undergoing a cornea transplant that will restore her vision. Though the surgery is a success and Aaliya’s vision is restored, she has trouble adjusting to her newfound sense of sight and is dissatisfied with her resulting photography.

Maitreya (Neeraj Kabi), an erudite monk, is part of a petition to ban animal testing in India. When he is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, his reluctance towards medication is questioned and he must now depend on the people he’s been fighting against – a path he refuses to take. 

Ship of Theseus Review
This is Sohum Shah (white shirt), the Producer!

A very young stockbroker, Navin (Sohum Shah), has just had his kidney transplanted. He soon learns of a case of kidney tourism involving an impoverished bricklayer, Shankar. His initial fear is that his new kidney originally belonged to this man. Further investigation proves otherwise, but Navin takes matters into his own hands and confronts the actual recipient in Stockholm.

I cancelled several meetings, took lift from 3 random guys on the road, told lie to my boss, got drenched in the rains and did several other things to manage this movie, on a weekday, amidst heavy rains and showers. And it was totally worth it.

In case you love documentary style, old classic art cinema, then this movie will make you whisper, “That’s the movie, sirjee..”

Do share your experiences in the comments.. Will you watch it?


Agneepath – The Saga Of Ruthless Vengeance

Agneepath ReviewQuick words first: The movie is for three types of audience:

a)      A person who loves to see blood and gory action sequence on-screen.

b)      A person who still loves 90s style movie telling with lots of family drama

c)      A person who is a big fan of Sanjay Dutt

If you can categorize yourself within these three personalities, then believe me, every single penny spent on the movie would be worth it. And of you aren’t such person, then the movie would be a huge disappointment.

The plot is fairly simplistic. I must admit here that I haven’t watched the original Agneepath, thus, can’t comment on the older version or the adaptability ratio. Moreover, I never compare the older versions of any remake movie. It gives me fresh insights and fresh perspective to comment on the movie.

Sanjay Dutt kills Hritik Roshan’s father, and the whole movie is a vengeance saga.

Most probably this is Hritik’s most action oriented movie till date, and he has been captured in every frame. But, I would dedicate this movie to Sanjay Dutt. He has delivered a stunning performance of being the baddie. Interjected with Gita rhymes, and powered with tattoos all around, Sanjay Dutt captures the screen every time he is being presented. The audience whistled and shouted for every dialogue which he delivers, even though he is the villain. Such is the actor’s acting prowess. AgneePath review

And another ‘acting’ hero of the movie is Rishi Kapoor. He has a menacing and devilish role, which required the actor to act really menacing and devil. And boy, what a performance. Rishi Kapoor fires up the screen with his raunchy dialogue delivery and killer acting.

Our hero, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan finally kills the villain, Kancha, and takes his revenge.

Priyanka Chopra, who is the love interest of Hritik in the movie dons an average performance. Moreover, her role was just of a supporting actor rather which was far from main stream.

The movie lacks in editing, I guess. Lots of family drama unfolds in between, which could have been done away with. The audience become impatient while such sequence was running, and this can be a negative point. Oh yes, Chikni Chameli does helped to make them patient. Katrina Kaif’s item song was applauded!

Overall, Karan Johar tried too hard. But, an honest work, which will earn money in the box-office. I highly doubt whether it will acquire the cult status or become a huge bumper hit.

Shall keep you updated!


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Don 2 – Shahrukh Has Nailed It

While I was searching for my seat in the multiplex, I found a kid super excited, wide-eyed staring at the screen. He was 14 old lad, who had come with his family to watch this new movie. I asked him what made you come in the first day of the release?

“Shahrukh!” was the answer.

Ra1 debacle has created way too less dent, as commonly believed. Shahrukh knows the best when it comes to fan following-ship. And he has nailed this one.

In a brand new avatar which will make pony-tails as main stream fashion (which I have  unsuccessfully tried since last year, with my pony tail :p), Shahrukh is just, Shahrukh in this movie – stylish, ruthless and a bad man. Don 2 Review

Armed with his swanky one liners, “Kinky…..”, as he blasts them every time he is surrounded by his enemies or the police, Shahrukh does everything which he ever wanted to do on screen. Oh well, he has even smoked in this movie! Fashionable long coats, flouting Gucci belts and long hairs with sharp witty dialogues; Don 2 has been programmed to entertain.

Shot across Thailand, Malaysia, Zurich and then Berlin, Don 2 leaves no stone unturned to produce that flashy sensation while watching the movie.

And Farhan Akhtar.. the director is the man.

Almost every shot of the movie has Shahrukh Khan in it, and I was able to feel the angle which Farhan tried to show us by zooming in this mega super star with sounds blazing, Don Don Don…

The plot and the screenplay is a tribute to The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11 genres of movies, with meticulous planning and recruitment of resources to achieve that impossible plan is executed by the Don.  The movie could have been shorter at the end, as the climax is stretched to accumulate more Shahrukh.. and more Sharukh..

I watched this movie because Farhan had directed it.  And my admiration for him has just increased..

If you are a Sharukh Khan fan, then avoid this movie at your own peril!




Aarakshan Is Hard Hitting Loaded With Powerful Performances

It’s an Amitabh Bachchan’s movie right from the start to the finish. All other characters are mere supporting cast!

Poster of Aarakshan

Quite contrary to the title, Aarakshan isn’t a movie all together dedicated to portray the reservation-quota ‘Mandal’ saga which engulfed the whole nation during late 80s to early 90s. In fact, it’s a story which tries its best to paint the contemporary education system, which is laced with stories of high donation fee and extra coaching classes. If observed closely, the whole movie is based on the commercialization of education system and has been bordered with the reservation story. The script writer and the director has done a commendable job of creating one of the most intense and  thought provoking cinema in recent times. Although not in grandeur, but in content quality, Aarakshan surely matches Prakash Jha’s last magnum opus, Raajneeti.

In between the movie, I somehow managed to imagine Ajay Devgan playing the character of Deepak Kumar (Saif Ali Khan) and the result was mind-blowing. Saif, the dalit and OBC face of the movie, tries hard to produce that suppressed anger and the pain which comes from reservation-favouritism done on him. The opening scene of the movie is itself a mini-documentary reflecting the plight of those myriad quota helped and reservation-assisted persons who face the hidden ire of ‘general category’ sub-ordinates in professional lives . But somehow something was missing. He surely produced lots of one liner which prompted claps all across the theatre.

And the anti-reservation brigade was managed by Prateik Babbar. Now, I think he was a mis-fit. The character demanded a personality which resonated the high intensity anti-reservation sentiments which was prevalent during that period. The Rajiv Goswami story still gives me dreaded nightmares. That was the blackest hours of Indian education system. However, the movie does try to understand the plight of those general class students who are economically backward, but fail to bring in those cut-off marks. Isn’t the reservation system applicable to such genre?

The movie opens the Pandora box which modern India shies away to discuss and debate. But, the show must go on..

The first half is filled with agreements and counter agreements between the pro-reservation and anti-reservation supporters. Both parties try hard to convince the audience that they are right. It’s the judgement of the audience which is final. Prakash Jha never answers that question.

However, Amitabh is a character which is playing the judge’s role. He is the face of education, and he neither supports the system nor rants against it. He favours the economically backward students, disregarding the caste and race factors. And to prove his stand, he provides absolutely free education to all. And that was the message which is the highlight of the movie.

All this while, Deepika tries hard to maintain a balance between her dad, Amitabh and her love, Saif.


Manoj Bajpai is the man who sparks the screen every time he is given a chance. His plays a menacing character that is hell bent on monetizing the education sector. He is the one who doesn’t come to regular classes in order to encourage students to join his coaching institution. He is the one who supports anti-reservation movement and incites the students to oppose it vehemently. And he is the one who takes revenge against Amitabh by confiscating his home and challenges to dethrone him. He has acted superbly.

But, with due respect to all actors, Amitabh steals the show with impeccable acting and emotive outbursts which dwarfs all and sundry. The manner in which he steers the movie and plants his philosophy that ‘reservation is not the solution’ is just mind-blowing. Very few actors could have done what Amitabh does in Aarakshan.

And the final blow comes from none other than Hema Malini, who appears at the fag end of the movie to set things right and highlight the main message of the movie: Reservation alone can’t solve the problems.

Go for the movie if you wish to witness intense drama and some thought provoking encounters. Prakash Jha has delivered another salvo!

I would love to read your comments on this review/commentary. I am die hard movie buff, and love to pen my thoughts on every movie which I watch. You can follow me @_mohul or become my friend at

Update 1: The movie is a box office hit. It has generated close to 25 crore INR in the first weekend itself, despite the bans by UP/Punjab and AP govt.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara : A Celebration Of Life

As the single propeller driven aircraft is hovering above 15,000 ft, Arjun (Hritik Roshan) is all charged up and ready to take the plunge. He shouts at Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) “Let it go Imraan. Just let it all.. Go!” And that was the point when I felt a strange sensation running along my spine. My heart skipped a beat and my fingers itched to just write it down..

Isn’t the most complex of problems are solved within a fraction of second, when you off-load the fear of outcome and free your mind to actually take some action on that.

In this particular scene, The “Three Musketeers”: Arjun, Imraan and Kabir (Akshay Deol) are sky diving in Seville, Spain.

ZNMD is a celebration of life. It spreads the message that the moment which you are experiencing right now, is the most important moment of your life. Seize this moment. Though this message has been broadcasted many a times in past (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, etc), Zoya Akhtar manages to showcase this ever green golden nugget in a very different, colourful, light-hearted and un-orthodox way. ZNMD whispers in the lyrics of Gulzar,

“Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyaan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum..

Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyaan leke chal rahe ho,

Toh zinda ho tum”

ZNMD confirms the fact that it’s your life and it’s all about your own choice.

Despite being a movie with a such a huge star cast, ZNMD manages to balance it out it an even way. Even the talented Spanish actress, Ariadna Cabrol has been given appreciable screen presence along with the likes of Hritik, Katrina, Kalki and Abhay Deol.

Not to mention Naseer sir, who throws in a powerful single screen monologue which just steals the limelight from these big stars. When he rolls in his ‘stuffed’ cigarette, which is the only smoking scene in the whole movie, and delivers the dialogues in a natural freestyle way, I couldn’t help but admire the person. So easily and effortlessly he transformed into the character is just marvellous. His character is a ruthless follower of his crazy dreams, even at the price of his family. And quite in-a-matter-of-fact way, he admits that infront of his son, Imraan.

The love chemistry between Arjun and Laila (Katrina Kaif) is smoky hot! The La Tomatina festival and the Ik Junoon song was picturized is an amazing way.

The film lacks in editing. Some of the portions of the movie could have been edited. The pace of the movie becomes slow at times, but maybe the director had some other plan.

If you wish to relive the fun-times you spent with your friends, then I will highly recommend this movie.  You will love it.