‎Weather And Emotions – Delhi In March

The ambiance and the vibes in Delhi is right now very, very close to what folks at Pune or say Bangalore enjoy all year around.. Gentle, subtle showers of refreshing rain at infrequent intervals, dark clouds which overshadow your plans at every moment, fresh, energetic winds which inspire you to take on the world heads-on..

Delhi rains march

If you love driving a two-wheeler, then you can feel the pure joy which you get while driving in this weather, especially at 2 AM.. dark, muddy roads, washed with fresh rains and that mysterious aroma of wet mud, mixed with smells of strange flowers hitting you at full force..

The weather right now at Delhi can be described as the best which Delhi can get, before wicked, unforgiving sun starts tormenting you and humid, still air suffocates you..

Walk, run, smile, hug your partner, hold her hands, hug, feel the joy all the while you can.. because this weather in Delhi is something which is not common, and very hard to get..

Surprisingly Interesting Last 4 Months of 2014 (Facebook Updates)

Five major events happened in my life during the past 120 days, and, trust me, I am dying to write about them. Considering that I claim myself as a Writer, and a would-be-Author, it is indeed a shame that I failed to update my very own blog.

The mecca of my Digital Identity, this blog, is being unfairly treated, and I am deeply ashamed of that.

2015 would be a special year for me, and I do believe that the change must begin very soon.

Maybe from right this moment.

Here is the update via images.The link will direct you to my emotional outburst on Facebook (all links open in a new tab)

September: McLeodganj

Mohul in Mcleod Ganj

October: ISBF

Mohul at ISBF, Delhi

November: NaNoWriMo; NDTV

NaNoWriMo Winner 2014


Mohul on NDTV Prime

December: South Delhi

Mohul's books


Who Am I And Where I Am Going Right Now?

A very very peculiar question, but necessary none the less. Socrates said that if you know the answers to these questions, then boy, you are lucky.

Often I stop myself, and ask these questions to myself, and wait for the answers.

Today, on the third day of January in the year 2014, I again stopped myself and asked these questions. Let us see what my inner-self replied to me..

I am Mohul Ghosh, a Writer. I have placed Steve Jobs picture in my Quora profile because I am still in awe of this person. He has single-handedly managed to inspire and teach me so many things, which I cannot ever repay.

Right now, I am working as Senior Online Marketer, in a company based in Noida. We provide offshore outsourcing services to small business owners based in USA and Europe, and my job is to bring in more clients via Online Marketing medium.

I was introduced into the exciting field of Online Marketing in the year 2010, when I quit my comfortable SAP job to pursue my hobby of Writing.

So, why am I doing a job of Online Marketer, you may ask.

I opted for this job because I wanted to be a Teacher as well. I want to teach Online Marketing to Writers, Entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to make a dent in this universe. (ah, Steve Jobs again!)

And to become a real teacher, I needed to experience Online Marketing real hard. For the job, I chose those companies which relied on Online Marketing for getting new customers and new leads. And in this pursuit, I have worked with 3 companies in the past as well. The minute details would be shared in the book which I am attempting to finish.

This book shall introduce Online Marketing to beginners and which will lay a foundation for anyone who wants to get introduced to this amazing medium. Infact, I am writing two books. The other book is a fiction story about ghosts and spirits.

I am also going to start Online Marketing courses for beginners and, about to launch my own education startup.

Whoah! I never knew that the answers would get so long. Thank God I answered those..

This page would be updated.. ! (Last Update: January 4, 2013)

I am a Social Media Activist Now

In the year 2010, I started my Online Marketing journey, after leaving behind a cushy and well-paid job of SAP ABAP Consultant.

The best thing about that SAP job was that the society loved it. But my heart ached.

I was a Writer, and I pretty well damn knew by that time. My greatest joy and satisfaction came when I wrote things on paper and MS Word. The job was a security which I had myself chosen but my heart and my soul craved for writing. Little did I knew that a Writer had so many options in 2010!

One fine day, I quit my job and took freelance writing as full time occupation.

Things happened in between, and I learnt SEO along the way. I came across various businesses which were active in Online Marketing and I did social media as well. Somehow, I realized that Social Media is a very important ingredient of the whole Online Marketing game, and that SEO is a very useful thing to know for a writer and a businessman and everyone who is dreaming of making it big.

Then, in the year 2013, two things happened: I created WordsWithMagic and I became the Social Media Activist at Go4Hosting.

Go4Hosting is a Tier 3 Data Center located in Noida and Jaipur, and I am currently working as Social Media Activist in the organization, managing each and every aspect of Social Media for the organization.

We are 500+ employee company, having more than 10,000  customers all over the world. And it is quite a challenging work!

The best thing about these last three years is that, I have lived each and every moment of this transformation from a secured job to a job which I absolutely love.

I am a firm believer of Inbound Marketing, and use this to generate more and more Social Media related activities for the company.

Entrepreneurship is my final goal, and I am working full time to materialize it.

Lets see what happens next!


I was about to lose a million dollars..

Yup. A million dollars, which is the amount I have figured out, would be the cost of the brand name: mohulghosh.com in future.

Distant future.. 🙂

And I was about to loose it.. Very marginally, I made it and saved it, along with a million dollars.

And all thanks to The Pirate from Bombay. It was the active and timely tweet from this pirate which literally saved my ass.

The story:

mohulghosh.com was officially bought as on October 13, 2010. After being bought, it wasn’t much used till April, 2011, when it was finally launched. Having garnered close to 50 comments and around a thousand views per week, mohulghosh.com lay low for few months. There were other official responsibilities along with some personal ones which played havoc on this humble site’s posting capabilities. Life just moved on.

Out of blues, a sudden tweet from Aditya aka The Pirate from Mumbai, woke me up.


Frenzy. My knees were shacking.. as I hit the reply button and asked him forgiveness.

I contacted the domain provider, and asked the details. They informed me that the domain had expired, and well, I didn’t respond to their repeated emails. God forbid, I have never  received a mail from them, I told. They relented, and finally gave the domain back after I paid up the renewal charges.

Woof. A relief. Such silly mistakes and carelessness could have really cost me my own domain name as well as a million dollars.

Thanks again, Aditya aka The Bombay Pirate!

So, lets rock the show. If you are still reading it right now, then I want to promise that mohulghosh.com would be now more active. And more vibrant.

And a very big news awaits all…

Follow me on Twitter at _mohul or be my friend on facebook at Facebook.com/mohulghosh.. and shower me your love at http://mohulghosh.com/why-should-you-love-me/ !


Catch 22!

***Disclaimer: You may find it funny to read a disclaimer on the very first post of my very first blog. The following description and philosophical derivation of this term is purely to showcase the plight of thousands of those dreamers, who somehow manage to do just one thing.. follow their dreams! So, keeping this in your ‘sub-conscious’  mind, I hereby announce the first post of my new blog: MohulGhosh.com***

Whats exactly is a Catch 22 situation?

Its a brief phase of time period, when a person is struck.

He can’t move forward as he is standing on the edge. He can’t move backward as it doesn’t exist.

He is just in a state of vacuum, often created by his own failures and successes, together clasped in a prism of emotions, dreams, sacrifices and fears. Often its just the destiny.

But, the good thing I like about “Catch 22” situation is that, it surely passes along.

There is always a post-Catch-22 situation, which is ALWAYS great!

The key to this ‘movement’ away from a sticky situation is tightly held by.. that person himself.

While standing on the edge, with maybe the right leg on the go, he must be thinking his ways out. How will he start the rescue mission? What are his chances that he will succeed? And so on..

However, the person who really gets past this Catch-22 situation is the one who will always have the ‘conclusion’ in mind: the final outcome. Then somehow, the minds starts to believe that final outcome.

And legend is that, things starts to happen.

So, anyone else has ever experienced such Catch-22 situation?

See you in the comments!