Catch 22!

***Disclaimer: You may find it funny to read a disclaimer on the very first post of my very first blog. The following description and philosophical derivation of this term is purely to showcase the plight of thousands of those dreamers, who somehow manage to do just one thing.. follow their dreams! So, keeping this in your ‘sub-conscious’  mind, I hereby announce the first post of my new blog:***

Whats exactly is a Catch 22 situation?

Its a brief phase of time period, when a person is struck.

He can’t move forward as he is standing on the edge. He can’t move backward as it doesn’t exist.

He is just in a state of vacuum, often created by his own failures and successes, together clasped in a prism of emotions, dreams, sacrifices and fears. Often its just the destiny.

But, the good thing I like about “Catch 22” situation is that, it surely passes along.

There is always a post-Catch-22 situation, which is ALWAYS great!

The key to this ‘movement’ away from a sticky situation is tightly held by.. that person himself.

While standing on the edge, with maybe the right leg on the go, he must be thinking his ways out. How will he start the rescue mission? What are his chances that he will succeed? And so on..

However, the person who really gets past this Catch-22 situation is the one who will always have the ‘conclusion’ in mind: the final outcome. Then somehow, the minds starts to believe that final outcome.

And legend is that, things starts to happen.

So, anyone else has ever experienced such Catch-22 situation?

See you in the comments!