Don 2 – Shahrukh Has Nailed It

While I was searching for my seat in the multiplex, I found a kid super excited, wide-eyed staring at the screen. He was 14 old lad, who had come with his family to watch this new movie. I asked him what made you come in the first day of the release?

“Shahrukh!” was the answer.

Ra1 debacle has created way too less dent, as commonly believed. Shahrukh knows the best when it comes to fan following-ship. And he has nailed this one.

In a brand new avatar which will make pony-tails as main stream fashion (which I have  unsuccessfully tried since last year, with my pony tail :p), Shahrukh is just, Shahrukh in this movie – stylish, ruthless and a bad man. Don 2 Review

Armed with his swanky one liners, “Kinky…..”, as he blasts them every time he is surrounded by his enemies or the police, Shahrukh does everything which he ever wanted to do on screen. Oh well, he has even smoked in this movie! Fashionable long coats, flouting Gucci belts and long hairs with sharp witty dialogues; Don 2 has been programmed to entertain.

Shot across Thailand, Malaysia, Zurich and then Berlin, Don 2 leaves no stone unturned to produce that flashy sensation while watching the movie.

And Farhan Akhtar.. the director is the man.

Almost every shot of the movie has Shahrukh Khan in it, and I was able to feel the angle which Farhan tried to show us by zooming in this mega super star with sounds blazing, Don Don Don…

The plot and the screenplay is a tribute to The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11 genres of movies, with meticulous planning and recruitment of resources to achieve that impossible plan is executed by the Don.  The movie could have been shorter at the end, as the climax is stretched to accumulate more Shahrukh.. and more Sharukh..

I watched this movie because Farhan had directed it.  And my admiration for him has just increased..

If you are a Sharukh Khan fan, then avoid this movie at your own peril!




I was about to lose a million dollars..

Yup. A million dollars, which is the amount I have figured out, would be the cost of the brand name: in future.

Distant future.. 🙂

And I was about to loose it.. Very marginally, I made it and saved it, along with a million dollars.

And all thanks to The Pirate from Bombay. It was the active and timely tweet from this pirate which literally saved my ass.

The story: was officially bought as on October 13, 2010. After being bought, it wasn’t much used till April, 2011, when it was finally launched. Having garnered close to 50 comments and around a thousand views per week, lay low for few months. There were other official responsibilities along with some personal ones which played havoc on this humble site’s posting capabilities. Life just moved on.

Out of blues, a sudden tweet from Aditya aka The Pirate from Mumbai, woke me up.


Frenzy. My knees were shacking.. as I hit the reply button and asked him forgiveness.

I contacted the domain provider, and asked the details. They informed me that the domain had expired, and well, I didn’t respond to their repeated emails. God forbid, I have never  received a mail from them, I told. They relented, and finally gave the domain back after I paid up the renewal charges.

Woof. A relief. Such silly mistakes and carelessness could have really cost me my own domain name as well as a million dollars.

Thanks again, Aditya aka The Bombay Pirate!

So, lets rock the show. If you are still reading it right now, then I want to promise that would be now more active. And more vibrant.

And a very big news awaits all…

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Biggest Technological News For Me Till Now – Steve Jobs Dies

Words cannot describe the influence Steve Jobs had on my life’s major professional decisions, including the foray into technological and entrepreneurship world. I secretly considered him to be my role model, albeit conditionally, in different spheres of life. And, my last ‘long distant’ ambition was to write a movie-script based on life and times of Steve Jobs (!)

He has just died, and I can feel my eyes moist and heart beat going slow.

I wont be able to meet him now, never.

Steve Jobs resigns
Steve Jobs

We will miss you, Steve.




With Success Comes Scrutiny

Eric SchmidtRead the testimony of Eric Schmidt, executive president of Google Inc. This testimony was presented before the JudiciarySubcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights as on September 21, 2011.

Download the document here.. Eric-Schmidt-Testimony

Being an avid Google user and searcher, this is certainly one big news for me. In this pdf document, I understood the organizational and emotional fights which Google employees experience before finalizing any change or update in the world’s biggest search engine.

Very interesting read indeed.

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Aarakshan Is Hard Hitting Loaded With Powerful Performances

It’s an Amitabh Bachchan’s movie right from the start to the finish. All other characters are mere supporting cast!

Poster of Aarakshan

Quite contrary to the title, Aarakshan isn’t a movie all together dedicated to portray the reservation-quota ‘Mandal’ saga which engulfed the whole nation during late 80s to early 90s. In fact, it’s a story which tries its best to paint the contemporary education system, which is laced with stories of high donation fee and extra coaching classes. If observed closely, the whole movie is based on the commercialization of education system and has been bordered with the reservation story. The script writer and the director has done a commendable job of creating one of the most intense and  thought provoking cinema in recent times. Although not in grandeur, but in content quality, Aarakshan surely matches Prakash Jha’s last magnum opus, Raajneeti.

In between the movie, I somehow managed to imagine Ajay Devgan playing the character of Deepak Kumar (Saif Ali Khan) and the result was mind-blowing. Saif, the dalit and OBC face of the movie, tries hard to produce that suppressed anger and the pain which comes from reservation-favouritism done on him. The opening scene of the movie is itself a mini-documentary reflecting the plight of those myriad quota helped and reservation-assisted persons who face the hidden ire of ‘general category’ sub-ordinates in professional lives . But somehow something was missing. He surely produced lots of one liner which prompted claps all across the theatre.

And the anti-reservation brigade was managed by Prateik Babbar. Now, I think he was a mis-fit. The character demanded a personality which resonated the high intensity anti-reservation sentiments which was prevalent during that period. The Rajiv Goswami story still gives me dreaded nightmares. That was the blackest hours of Indian education system. However, the movie does try to understand the plight of those general class students who are economically backward, but fail to bring in those cut-off marks. Isn’t the reservation system applicable to such genre?

The movie opens the Pandora box which modern India shies away to discuss and debate. But, the show must go on..

The first half is filled with agreements and counter agreements between the pro-reservation and anti-reservation supporters. Both parties try hard to convince the audience that they are right. It’s the judgement of the audience which is final. Prakash Jha never answers that question.

However, Amitabh is a character which is playing the judge’s role. He is the face of education, and he neither supports the system nor rants against it. He favours the economically backward students, disregarding the caste and race factors. And to prove his stand, he provides absolutely free education to all. And that was the message which is the highlight of the movie.

All this while, Deepika tries hard to maintain a balance between her dad, Amitabh and her love, Saif.


Manoj Bajpai is the man who sparks the screen every time he is given a chance. His plays a menacing character that is hell bent on monetizing the education sector. He is the one who doesn’t come to regular classes in order to encourage students to join his coaching institution. He is the one who supports anti-reservation movement and incites the students to oppose it vehemently. And he is the one who takes revenge against Amitabh by confiscating his home and challenges to dethrone him. He has acted superbly.

But, with due respect to all actors, Amitabh steals the show with impeccable acting and emotive outbursts which dwarfs all and sundry. The manner in which he steers the movie and plants his philosophy that ‘reservation is not the solution’ is just mind-blowing. Very few actors could have done what Amitabh does in Aarakshan.

And the final blow comes from none other than Hema Malini, who appears at the fag end of the movie to set things right and highlight the main message of the movie: Reservation alone can’t solve the problems.

Go for the movie if you wish to witness intense drama and some thought provoking encounters. Prakash Jha has delivered another salvo!

I would love to read your comments on this review/commentary. I am die hard movie buff, and love to pen my thoughts on every movie which I watch. You can follow me @_mohul or become my friend at

Update 1: The movie is a box office hit. It has generated close to 25 crore INR in the first weekend itself, despite the bans by UP/Punjab and AP govt.

The Most Important SEO Tip You Will Ever Find

In my last two years of eMarketing career, during which I worked both as Content Developer and SEO Consultant, not to mention Social Media Analyst, I have come across situations where expert SEOs  were not able to comprehend the solutions when they were present right next to them.

In the midst of performing ‘high’ end activities like creating link strategies and social branding, we used to forget the very basic principle around which the whole Online Marketing game is based.

What is the Primary keyword?

I know many among you will just laugh along, stating that everyone knows that. ( In that case, you can leave this page right now, and read why I loved Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or what is a Catch-22 situation)

But knowing a particular fact and actually implementing that is different. And exactly this happens when it comes to focusing on the primary keyword.

So, to answer to all those newbies and starters in SEO as well as Social Media, here is a very simple advice from a person who has little bit of experience. Always focus on that main Primary Keyword and revolve all operations around that.

And believe me, whether its a small 10 page WordPress website or a big 5000 page Magento enabled eCommerce website, there is always a main Primary Keyword for the project. Sub-directories and Sub-categories should be revolved around that main term.

Now, there are two aspects to it. For SEO persons, the most obvious aspect is that Google loves such arrangement. And, this certainly helps while Google crawler visits the website. But, the other aspect is human experience. The fact is, human beings as a natural instinct, always concentrate on those entities which are easily navigable and searched. So, if your website is about “How to make money online” and you include pages for “WordPress Installation” and “Free Theme”, then the actual visitor or Google crawler, both will be confused.

It’s a classic example of deviating from that main Primary keyword.

Same is the case in Social Media projects. Every activity which is performed for the fans/followers should be created by placing the main term or the idea which is the base of the whole project, right in the middle and then revolving the sub-topics one by one. Such an arrangement also provides ample opportunity for content creation.

So, in case you haven’t determined that main Primary keyword for your website, then do it right away.

More to follow, on my new blog.

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Android Phones Which You Should Avoid

If you are still devoid of an Android based smart phone, and looking for information to purchase one, then this post may somewhat assist you determining what to ‘avoid’. The Android market is getting hotter day by day with new handsets rolling out almost every week.

Some of these handsets like the Samsung Galaxy series and Motorola Atrix have become instant hits with the masses. Nexus series is another prototype which you will avoid missing. But, with along with the good ones, there are certainly some bad ones too, which can provide you little value for money.

To cut the crap, here is the list of Android phones which you can avoid.

The post comes straight from, which is a good source of relevant and useful information.

Dell Streak
Dell Streak (image credit:

The surprise entry in this Hall of Shame list is Dell Streak! Veteran Wall Street tech gadget expert Walt Mossberg has completely denounced this offering from the stable of Dell. If we believe him, this is one of the worst devices he reviewed in 2010. Interesting read indeed.

Other notable entries include Motorola Citrus and HTC Thunderbolt, which had been launched with quite fanfare.

Do post a comment if you find this informative. And hey, I won’t file a case against if you disapprove of this list. Write it down dude!


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See you at the other end!


Google Will Rewrite My Web-Pages And Improve My Page-Speed!

This is one of the most happening things to have occurred lately in the hard-core technical world of Search Engine Optimization. And, according to my calculations, this new development can change the way you were managing the page-speed till now. The reason: Google will charge you for this!

Rewriting the pages?

Google has offered to literally rewrite your web-pages, and send back to you. Such a rewriting operation by Google will help to improve the page speed of any website upto 60%.

You can register by visiting: I just filled the form for Google has already said that this is a free ‘trial’ and not everyone who applies will get approval. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I was really intrigued by the notion of being served rewritten content by Google for improving page speed. I dug deeper, and found that in reality, Google will add some extra lines of codes into the source code of my web-pages. Thus, you can observe the difference in the source code: before rewriting and after rewriting.

You can check the page-speed of your website here and then calculate the difference once you choose Page-Speed from Google.

You can find the whole documentation and FAQs here:

Google will also provide a Google API powered dashboard wherein the webmasters can control the settings of rewriter as well the outcome of the rewriting. You can test the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results, and tweak the pages which are lacking. Additionally, there are many many options in the dashboard like blacklisting those pages for which you don’t need a page-speed. They have done their homework.

Will Google Charge Me For This?

Lastly, the interesting part. As I told earlier, Google has announced that currently this is a free trial. And that means, Google will charge for this service in future. In Google’s words, “At this time, the service is being offered to a limited set of webmasters free of charge. Pricing will be competitive and details will be made available later. You will then have at least 30 days to decide if you want to continue using the service.”

It will be really interesting to see how many webmasters will really pay for using such a service, which, as of now, is mainly handled by the webmaster himself or the development team.

Are the days of free service by Google over?

I will really love to have your comments!

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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara : A Celebration Of Life

As the single propeller driven aircraft is hovering above 15,000 ft, Arjun (Hritik Roshan) is all charged up and ready to take the plunge. He shouts at Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) “Let it go Imraan. Just let it all.. Go!” And that was the point when I felt a strange sensation running along my spine. My heart skipped a beat and my fingers itched to just write it down..

Isn’t the most complex of problems are solved within a fraction of second, when you off-load the fear of outcome and free your mind to actually take some action on that.

In this particular scene, The “Three Musketeers”: Arjun, Imraan and Kabir (Akshay Deol) are sky diving in Seville, Spain.

ZNMD is a celebration of life. It spreads the message that the moment which you are experiencing right now, is the most important moment of your life. Seize this moment. Though this message has been broadcasted many a times in past (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, etc), Zoya Akhtar manages to showcase this ever green golden nugget in a very different, colourful, light-hearted and un-orthodox way. ZNMD whispers in the lyrics of Gulzar,

“Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyaan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum..

Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyaan leke chal rahe ho,

Toh zinda ho tum”

ZNMD confirms the fact that it’s your life and it’s all about your own choice.

Despite being a movie with a such a huge star cast, ZNMD manages to balance it out it an even way. Even the talented Spanish actress, Ariadna Cabrol has been given appreciable screen presence along with the likes of Hritik, Katrina, Kalki and Abhay Deol.

Not to mention Naseer sir, who throws in a powerful single screen monologue which just steals the limelight from these big stars. When he rolls in his ‘stuffed’ cigarette, which is the only smoking scene in the whole movie, and delivers the dialogues in a natural freestyle way, I couldn’t help but admire the person. So easily and effortlessly he transformed into the character is just marvellous. His character is a ruthless follower of his crazy dreams, even at the price of his family. And quite in-a-matter-of-fact way, he admits that infront of his son, Imraan.

The love chemistry between Arjun and Laila (Katrina Kaif) is smoky hot! The La Tomatina festival and the Ik Junoon song was picturized is an amazing way.

The film lacks in editing. Some of the portions of the movie could have been edited. The pace of the movie becomes slow at times, but maybe the director had some other plan.

If you wish to relive the fun-times you spent with your friends, then I will highly recommend this movie.  You will love it.


Catch 22!

***Disclaimer: You may find it funny to read a disclaimer on the very first post of my very first blog. The following description and philosophical derivation of this term is purely to showcase the plight of thousands of those dreamers, who somehow manage to do just one thing.. follow their dreams! So, keeping this in your ‘sub-conscious’  mind, I hereby announce the first post of my new blog:***

Whats exactly is a Catch 22 situation?

Its a brief phase of time period, when a person is struck.

He can’t move forward as he is standing on the edge. He can’t move backward as it doesn’t exist.

He is just in a state of vacuum, often created by his own failures and successes, together clasped in a prism of emotions, dreams, sacrifices and fears. Often its just the destiny.

But, the good thing I like about “Catch 22” situation is that, it surely passes along.

There is always a post-Catch-22 situation, which is ALWAYS great!

The key to this ‘movement’ away from a sticky situation is tightly held by.. that person himself.

While standing on the edge, with maybe the right leg on the go, he must be thinking his ways out. How will he start the rescue mission? What are his chances that he will succeed? And so on..

However, the person who really gets past this Catch-22 situation is the one who will always have the ‘conclusion’ in mind: the final outcome. Then somehow, the minds starts to believe that final outcome.

And legend is that, things starts to happen.

So, anyone else has ever experienced such Catch-22 situation?

See you in the comments!