What Is Art?

Art is being brave.

Art is jumping into that void, without making the calculations on the equations of being the winner. Art is beyond competition; art is the very act of participating.

Art is creating something which never have been created, ever. Art is breaking the shackles, overstepping the barriers, daring the impossible.

Earthenware sculptures at Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow
Art exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow

Art is being vulnerable, being prone to failure.

Heck, art is failure. But still saying fuck you to the person who judges him, her. Because art is pure.

Art is being the Buddha. Killing him and then recreating him, remaking him.

Art is still being Buddha.

Art is thinking, art is being alive. Art means you are a human, not a bot. Art is the synonym of breath.. the life.

Earthenware sculptures at Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow
Art exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow

Art is always living. Art is not being afraid of death, either.

Art can be ruthless, art can be as soft as a motherly love.

Art needs compromise. And belief. And a strong opinion.

By default, art is failure. By standard definition, art is accepting defeat, yet keep on doing it, without expectations and without any loss of enthusiasm.

Art is being generous, art is giving not taking; Art is being poor – the wealthy can never create art because art needs the hunger.

Hunger breeds art.

Art needs sacrifice, art demands attention, blood and sweat.

Commerce has always an issue with art..

But art needs commerce.. art needs to survive the odds, despite banking on commerce.. yet, it always tries to save itself from its absolute grip.

Art is neither a mistress of commerce nor its wife. But still, it has to spend the night with him, and yet protect its sovereignty and pureness.

Art vs commerce is inevitable..

But the artist who has conquered this battle is realist.. maybe an entrepreneur. A creative, artistic entrepreneur.

Fortunately, art can survive the onslaught of commerce. It has to.. Art needs to survive.. to live. Art needs to create the legend, it needs to be created, because otherwise, the world will become a heartless, rough, crude place..

What is art..?

PS: The inspiration and fuel for this blog arrived without warning, while attending an exhibition of hand-made sculptures, from earthenwares. The location was Lalit Kala Academy in Lucknow.

PPS: The artist who created these stunning sculptures was in-turn inspired from folk art, and is open to commercial partnerships for her creations. Contact me at hello@mohulghosh.com to know more.

Fan Review: The Biggest Problem With Fan Is Shahrukh Himself; Its Illogical, Frivolous, Fake

The biggest problem with Fan is Shahrukh Khan, himself. He is the hero, he is the villian.. he is the conflict, he is the solution; he is the poor, he is the rich.. He tried to make us feel proud of his legacy, and then he makes you hate his own legacy..

During one moment, he makes you believe that he is the God; Continue reading “Fan Review: The Biggest Problem With Fan Is Shahrukh Himself; Its Illogical, Frivolous, Fake”

R.Balki’s Experiment On Love & Relationship; Feminism & Gender Equality Can Induce That ‘Change’

I wanted to give it 4; but my wife demanded little more. We argued, we debated, and then we finally settled for 4.25/5.

And I guess that’s the only essense of this brilliant take on love, relationship from R.Balki, Continue reading “R.Balki’s Experiment On Love & Relationship; Feminism & Gender Equality Can Induce That ‘Change’”

Legal Education in India – Challenges & Solutions For Social Justice

Right now, around 2 lakh new advocates and lawyers are passing out from Indian law colleges, and joining around a million existing lawyers who have already passed out in the past.

But how many of them are actually practicing law and earning their livelihood? Or rather, how many of them are actually practicing law in the most ethical way and contributing to the progress and development of the country? The actual numbers may actually scare the hell out of you! Continue reading “Legal Education in India – Challenges & Solutions For Social Justice”

‎Weather And Emotions – Delhi In March

The ambiance and the vibes in Delhi is right now very, very close to what folks at Pune or say Bangalore enjoy all year around.. Gentle, subtle showers of refreshing rain at infrequent intervals, dark clouds which overshadow your plans at every moment, fresh, energetic winds which inspire you to take on the world heads-on..

Delhi rains march

If you love driving a two-wheeler, then you can feel the pure joy which you get while driving in this weather, especially at 2 AM.. dark, muddy roads, washed with fresh rains and that mysterious aroma of wet mud, mixed with smells of strange flowers hitting you at full force..

The weather right now at Delhi can be described as the best which Delhi can get, before wicked, unforgiving sun starts tormenting you and humid, still air suffocates you..

Walk, run, smile, hug your partner, hold her hands, hug, feel the joy all the while you can.. because this weather in Delhi is something which is not common, and very hard to get..

Consumer Forum to HDFC Bank: You don’t have any love for India #ConsumerRightWins

In 2008, a couple from Chandigarh decided to travel Thailand and Singapore. They had a HDFC Bank account, with Rs 1.5 lakh deposited, but their card was blocked by the bank. When they called the manager, he replied that due to misspelling in their names, the card cannot be used. The couple pleaded that they are in a foreign location, and they need money to come back.

But the HDFC Bank manager stuck to the rules.

HDFC Bank loses consumer court case

In a landmark judgement, consumer forum has slapped a fine of Rs 5 lakh on the bank, and have ripped apart the ‘banking policies’ by saying that HDFC Bank has no love or respect for India. In fact, the consumer forum has said that the bank should penalize that manager who refused to help an Indian couple stuck in a foreign location, and ordered the bank to deduct the fine from his salary!

Yes, rules work, only if there is someone who believes in them. Kudos to the consumer forum for this crucial judgement. And, it seems that more than the banking rules, the bank should ensure that their managers know about common sense and humanity first…

I wrote a story on Trak.in, which you can read right here.

Image source: IBTimes.co.in

The Program Review – The movie crushes the love I had for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong had been a major influencer in my life ever since I left college, in pursuit of my dreams. His book ‘Every Second Counts’ actually helped me navigate several dark sessions of my life, where no solution was possible. After reading that book, and his quotes, my heart said that if a cancer survivor can win the toughest sporting competition 7 consecutive times, then heck, nothing is impossible in this world.

The Program movie review

But the movie destroys all these goodie-goodie thoughts and inspirations, and lay bare the cheating and deception which Lance did for winning the race. The movie depicts how Lance intentionally, and deliberately took performance enhancing drugs, encouraged his team members to do the same, and manipulated, twisted World Cycling Federation to approve his cheating.

The best part about the movie (and the actual incident) was a passionate sports writer, who investigates Lance’s case, and collects proof which eventually nails him. At a time when Lance was declared a super hero, celebrated all over the world, he questions the drug thing, and this writer’s colleagues ask him why he is doing it? And he replied, “Because I love this sport, and I don’t want chemists fighting each other to win it..”

Lance Armstrong was stripped of all Tour De France victories in 2012.

Moral of the story: Winning by cheating is a sin.. And, always, always be selective in choosing your heroes.


Deadpool Has Redefined The Superhero; It May Shock You (Review)

It’s not your regular superhero movie..

Its a revolution, an ode to all superhero movies, a unique, strange saga of lustful love, without any boundaries; a dirty shithole of kickass violence, blood, gore, profanity.. its everything your mom warned you about; but still, it will trap you with its funny anecdotes, humorous take on life even as the superhero is being drilled with iron rods and bullets.

The only thing which will piss you is the censor which our ‘moral gate-keepers’ have unnecessarily imposed on us. Everytime a ‘fuck’ or ‘asshole’ was beeped, the audience in the hall emitted a collective sigh, cursing those inhuman censor board members who decided to kill creativity and some fun. (mail to rajani@nfdcindia.com right away, and tell Shyam Benegal how such censor ship is destroying cinema. His censor board revamp committee can make a change! Visit SaveOurCinema.in for more details)

Deadpool review
Deadpool (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Overall, whatever be you age.. if you have ever loved, adored a superhero (except Wolverine!), then this Valentines, watch Deadpool. It is a roller-coaster ride, which can unsettle you, decode you.. make you fall in love somewhere.

4/5 (Warning: Its an Adult movie.. R rated in USA)

Update 1: Deadpool collected $12.7 million on day #1, which swelled to $150 million by the time this extended weekend ended. It has been declared as the highest grossing R-rated movie ever!)

Checkout what folks at IMDB are saying. It must be fantastic, considering that it has received 8.7 rating as of now! (February 15, 2016)

Here is what Rotten Tomatoes have thought about this masterpiece. I mean, 84% score is really something!

The Best Bollywood Sports Movies Ever!

Ah the mixture of Bollywood and sports! Could there be anything better? The masala of a Bollywood film and the thrill of the chosen sport come together to make a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. Be it a small town boy rising to stardom by winning match after match or the girl who became a sports star even after endless family obligations, Bollywood sports movies always hit the spot.

We’ve compiled a list of such must watch films that you cannot miss!

Lagaan (2001)

Lagaan - The Best Bollywood Sports Movie

Beating the British at their own game is what this Oscar nominated movie is all about. A group of men from a small village oppressed by the British officers challenge them to a cricket match. When they finally win, you have tears in your eyes and pride in your heart. The film features Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh playing the village lovebirds. With cricket as the main and love as the sub plot, this movie checks all the boxes. Who would want to miss an India vs. England match anyway?

Chak De India (2007)

Chak De India- The Best Bollywood Sports Movie

This tale of an underestimated women’s hockey team fighting it out to win the world cup will melt your heart and appreciate every woman in your life. Add the angle of a misunderstood former player, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, coaching the team and you have the perfect amalgamation of emotions, tension and inspiration. We can bet you will have tears in your eyes when they finally beat Australia and win the gold. Can anyone have dry eyes when SRK cries?

If you love SRK as much as we do, do not miss his upcoming movie Raees and remember to book tickets in advance via Bookmyshow offers in order to avoid last minute rush.

Kai Po Che (2013)

Kai Po Che - The Best Bollywood Sports Movie

Inspired by the book “3 Mistakes of my Life” by ChetanBhagat, this movie is an amalgamation of friendship, politics and cricket. The ups and downs in the lives of the three friends played by Sushant Singh Rajput, Raj Kumar Yadav and AmitSadh have given us major friendship goals. All the subplots revolve around cricket and the heart wrenching end makes this film a must watch. The music, by AmitTrivedi, still has us singing along.

BhaagMilkhaBhaag (2013)

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag - The Best Bollywood Sports Movie

This movie, although a lengthy one, is totally worth it. It is an inspirational biopic based on India’s Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh, brilliantly played by Farhan Akhtar. The movie recounts the gruelling life of Milkha Singh right from his childhood up to the legendary race that changed everything. The movie will move you and maybe even inspire you to start working on your fitness. Watch this one to see how hard work always pays. However, if you prefer to go for a movie outing, why not just book movie tickets online and get the best deals?

Iqbal (2005)

Iqbal - The Best Bollywood Sports Movie

Touching upon every child’s dream to grow up to become a cricketer, Iqbal is a story of a young deaf and mute boy who does just that. Training under an alcoholic ex-cricketer, this young boy finally achieves his dream. The lead role is dazzlingly played by ShreyasTalpade who ended up getting a lot of critical acclaim for the performance. The movie is an inspiring and a moving one and it is cricket all the way!

Time for a binge movie watching session, perhaps?

5 Exclusive Events Which Will Only Occur In 2016 – Trivia

Today is January 1st, 2016; and a new year has begun.

I stumbled upon few very interesting facts for this coming year, which I wanted to share.


Here are the 5 exclusive events, which will only occur in 2016:

1: 2016 is the year of Red Fire Monkey.

2: US Presidential elections would happen in the month of November, 2016. Americans will select their 45th President.

3: Summer Olympics would be conducted in the month of August, 2016. 10,000 athletes from 200 countries would participate.

4: A NASA Spacecraft is about to reach Jupiter in the month of July, 2016

5: 04/04/2016, 06/06/2016, 08/08/2016, 10/10/2016 and 12/12/2016  all fall on the same day: Monday!

And two bonus trivia: 2016 is a leap year; which means that February will have an addtional day. And, on January 1st, everyone in Italy wears red underwears because it brings them good luck.

On that note, let me wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Here is a Facebook update I had shared in the morning:

#Resolutions #2016We often underestimate the things we can do in the next 12 months but always overestimate what we…

Posted by Mohul Ghosh on Thursday, December 31, 2015

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